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Ways To Wear Your Same Leather Jacket Over And Over Again

Some fashion wears are simply ageless and timeless. Perhaps that’s the reason why we term them “classics”. One such indispensable fashion wear is the good old leather jacket. And, do you know what’s the best part about your favorite leather jacket is? Well, team and pair them with just anything, and you’ll end up being a diva.

And, if you still think that leather jackets are either for that polished retro androgynous look or for that biker’s look, then this article is definitely going to change your perception—

Team Your Jacket for that Formal Brunch with Your Colleagues

That short white dress along with a classic hairdo will have more admirers when you team it up with a short and well tailored leather jacket. It exudes class and elegance, and turns you into a diva instantly.

Team it Up for that Cocktail Party

You may team up that same leather jacket at the cocktail party as well. Wear a well fitted pencil skirt in abstract designs and lovely hues along with a crop crochet top in pastel and top it off with that leather jacket. Wear a catchy pair of stiletto, and you’re simply done!

Do Justice to That Great Flowy Skirt with a Leather Jacket

If you’re planning to wear that great flowy skirt for the nice dinner date, you may simply finish the ensemble with the same jacket. Wear the skirt along with a nice tee in neutral color (not overtly dressy for you won’t want the eyes to divert from your skirt), perhaps with some monochromatic abstract design, and high heel boots. Top this over with the jacket carelessly worn; carry a nice bag, and be ready to swoon your date over a thousand times!

Go Street Smart and Casual

Be at your comfortable best in a pair of ripped denim pants, studded biker boots, ruffled hair, loose tanks and your favorite leather jacket. That’s it. You don’t need to overdo this look with any chunky accessories or wristbands. Be comfortable and casual, and you can be just the style diva next door!

Team it With Your Boyfriend Jeans

Tattered boyfriend jeans, a casual tee, geeky glasses and top-knotted hair can also look stylish and elegant if you team it with your leather jacket—the same one will do. Just throw it casually over yourself, and you’re done. However, make sure it’s a custom jacket otherwise you may not be able to pair it with just anything.