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What Are The Different Kinds Of Rain Jackets Available In The Market?

Water-resistant materials are covered with a strong water-repellent coating that can stand up to light rain for a limited time. Materials such as polyester and nylon that have been sprayed with waterproof treatment are not 100 % waterproof and will eventually be soaked in heavy rain.

Waterproof ensures that no water will enter. Waterproof materials can endure regular, intense precipitation while leaving the interior fully dry. two of the most popular waterproof membranes used in products are DryQ, Hyvent, eVent, FUTURELIGHT, and GORE-TEX. Different rain jacket manufacturers are using different technologies.

Layers and activities

The very first thing you need to consider when trying to look for a rain jacket is how you plan to use it. The right rain jacket for you isn’t always the one you spend the most money on. It’s a question of requirements. Are you asking for a regular rain cover, or are you opting for a more advanced one?

After you have decided on the expected purpose, the next aspect you want to remember is the number of layers: 2-layer, 2.5-layer, and 3-layer. A laminate and a covering or filter must also be used among the three choices. The 3-layer structure may also require extra cloth or material for improved longevity.

2-layer Rain Jackets

Travel and urban-type rain jackets can also incorporate two-layer jackets. They are fairly priced and good for traveling around town – but they don’t usually have armpit airflow, and they’re not suitable for high-intensity workouts.

2.5-Player Rain Jackets

2.5-layer raincoats are best suited for the high-intensity operation. These also incorporate arm-pit zips for improved airflow and are also thinner and more packable than 3-layer jackets. Whether you’re an outdoor adventurer searching for something between lightweight and heavy-duty, 2.5-layer raincoats are a perfect place to continue.

Three-layer Rain Jackets

3-layer raincoats are extremely specialized and are therefore more costly. Such coats are made thicker and more rugged to survive the toughest weather. The most widely recognized membrane used for industrial jackets is GORE-TEX. Nonetheless, several manufacturers have come up with their solutions to battle rain and wind – DryQ, HyVent, and eVent.

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