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What Kind Of Jacket Designs Will Work For Your Private Label Brand?

Jacket selling is easier than most other apparels because people like it.

These clothing options have the quality to change any attire into something that looks and feels a lot better. If you have a private label retail brand, then adding the latest jacket trends will serve great purpose.

But are the latest jacket designs that your private label jacket manufacturers should make for you?

For those who do not already have a few designs in mind, here’s a look at our top picks for trendy jacket designs.

The over dyed denim jacket

Tired of the same dye on your denim jacket collection? Check out the over dyed version and see your jacket collection change for the better. This apparel is defined by the unique colorless tone that adds a new layer to your private label brand.

Bes paired with white t shirt underneath, this one strikes a style statement that is quite unbeatable!

The Mao Collar velvet jacket

Known for its unique style, this formal jacket is an absolute winner for jacket manufacturers USA and very popular with designer labels and private label brands. With its larger than life flamboyant style, the Mao collar velvet jacket is the kind of addition that will add more dignity to the collection.

A well tailored design will be the perfect accessory to hand on your mannequin and awe people with the look that it creates.

The shearling leather jacket

What happens when you want to make one of the toughest and most durable jacket material want to look like high fashion?

You line it with shearling inside and Voila – you have a jacket style that is both stylish and comes in a power packed package. One of the best things about the shearling leather jacket is how comfortable it is and when you bulk order high quality, you pave the way for many satisfied customers.

A popular design amongst both men and women, this one is just the kind of leather jacket your brand needs to up the style quotient.

Found out the 3 best selling jacket designs for your private label brand? So, what are you still waiting for? Get in touch with a manufacturer today and place your bulk orders now!