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2 Popular Kinds Of Jackets And Ways To Wear Them This Winter

Trends are dynamic. They come and they disappear. Some become timeless, whereas some just gets lost in the history. But there are two winter clothing trends that became permanent. Yes, we are talking about leather jackets and letterman jackets. While one is practical, the other is classy. Both men and women can wear them to enhance their appearance. So we have divided them according to their diversity. Read on to find out more about them and how you can incorporate them in our outfit.

Letterman jackets for the sporty hunk

Letterman jackets are classy and sporty. Since their induction in the fashion industry during the late 1800s, they have hence become very popular. Worn by the sportsperson as a reward of their contribution and dedication to their school or university teams, they had something mysterious and enigmatic about themselves. With time, enthusiasts started sporting them as a part of their casual coupling. Their representation of the team colours was perceived stylish. There has not been a single day when this trend subsided. Letterman jackets are now customised by the buffs to add their initials and look cool. You can opt for a modest t-shirt in white and wear the jacket on top. A pair of track pants will render you happening sporty attire. Trainers or sneakers can be chosen according to your comfort and convenience. You can further wear a baseball cap and aviators to look a class apart. You can take a cue from Zac Efron or Justin Bieber for the ultimate presence at any casual gathering. Wholesale letterman jackets are available with reputed manufacturers who have designed them taking inspiration form this century old tradition.

Leather jackets for the stylish ladies

Popular among the masses since the early 1900s when military and army men would sport them, leather jackets are provocatively classy and defiantly exclusive. There place was cemented in our wardrobes when a number of Hollywood actors were seen wearing them, both in reel and real world. Leather jackets have a characteristic that has a definition of its own self. Not surprising that they are worn all year long. When it comes to this particular piece of clothing, it is the versatility that makes them stand out. They blend well with all garments, whether it is a casual wear or formal attire. So for a spontaneous incorporation, wear them over a casual t-shirt and a pair of well-fitted jeans. Ankle length boots can only make a perfect rendition to the ensemble. Retro sunglasses will help you pull off a 80s look effortlessly. Be very cautious about picking the textures for there are high chances of creating an overlap which can make you look ostentatious. Solids work well and help make the leather jacket prominent. When sporting them for formal occasions, choose a shirt and trousers in neutral shades. Complete the look with a pair of nude pumps and an oversized bag. You will surely impress your colleagues with your sophisticated choice of clothes.

So make a difference in clothing style by opting for these basic yet fashionable jackets. For all the retailers who are looking to revamp the store collection, oasis leather jacket and hoodies from manufacturers will be great pick. They can be purchased in bulk online with striking discounts making them even more noteworthy.