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3 Cool Ways To Spruce Up Your Jacket

Jackets are a classic favorite and a wardrobe staple. When taken care of properly, this type of clothing can withstand bad weather and even common wear and tear issues. It’s also a versatile, chic, and basic outerwear piece you can pair with nearly anything.

For instance, you can wear your jacket together with your dress if you’re heading out with your friends. This will keep you warm even if you have a knee-length dress on. You can also easily grab your jacket so you’ll be comfortable while running a quick errand.

Trendy Ways To Jazz Up Your Jacket

If you’re tired of wearing the same jacket for months or even years, you might want to spice up the way it looks. In doing so, you can express your personal style and make your outerwear stand out from the rest.

To have a jacket that you know no one else will have, you can look into businesses that offer a customized hoodie for men and women. Getting your jackets personalized is a great way to turn them into a conversation piece every time you go out and wear any of them.

However, if you’re up for the challenge, it’s a good idea to showcase your do-it-yourself (DIY) skills. Using your creativity will help you save money because you don’t have to spend a lot just to have an eye-catching piece of clothing. Revamping the look of your jacket is also a simple alternative to keep it trendy and fun, which would encourage you to wear it more often.

If you’re looking for inspiration, below are some of the cool ways to spruce up your jacket.

  • Try Embroidery

Sewing your jacket is a great way to convey your personality, add delicate details, and incorporate different materials into your clothing. Go ahead and embroider a design using various colors of thread. You can also sew sequins, pearls, beads, and other dainty pieces on your outerwear. To gather ideas, look for DIY tutorials, tricks, and resources online.

Moreover, you can base your designs on the changing seasons. For example, if you’ll be wearing your jacket regularly during spring, you can embroider an intricate flower pattern. Apart from this, you can sew beads and form a butterfly next to it. Let your imagination run free.

If you like the outcome, you’ll surely want to revamp a few of your old jackets. Over time, you’ll end up with a wardrobe filled with creative and unique outerwear.

  • Use Patches

Despite the fact that many brands provide them, jackets can still look the same. Hence, to add flare and flaunt to your vintage or basic denim jackets, sew a few patches on them.

If you want to rock a quirky jacket, purchase a bunch of random patches, from beverages, fruits, and rainbows to cartoons and smileys. If you want to create a statement piece, search for patches with phrases and words on them. And if you prefer something that reflects your feminine side, look for pastel, heart, and flower patches. No matter what outcome you’re aiming for, what’s important is that you turn the jacket into a piece you’ll be proud to wear.

Designing your clothes with patches has become a re-emerging trend. This is a great way to get extra creative with your jacket without a lot of effort. And what’s even better is that there are iron-on patches that are relatively easier to remove than sewn-on patches, so you can switch things up if you get bored with your jacket’s current appearance.

  • Go For A Ragged Look

If you have old jackets you can’t seem to let go of, you can improve their look by ripping them in certain places and adding a few holes.

For some, a sleek and crisp jacket can be too dull. Hence, they opt to distress such jackets to add texture and attitude to the clothing and, ultimately, their entire outfit. Moreover, you can never go wrong with a tattered jacket. Distressing not only gives an item a new, edgy vibe but also lets it stand out in an instant.

It’s best to strategically go for a messy yet appealing piece of outerwear and avoid going overboard with the distressing. You want to enjoy the final product, not feel confused about whether or not you can still wear it. To be safe, don’t try to follow ragged and distressed trends if you have no idea how to pull them off. In addition, you can sew a few sequins and patches on the jacket to balance its edginess and texture.

Final Thoughts

Since you’ll be wearing your jacket regularly, it would be good to spruce it up to make it trendy, personalized, and more visually appealing. Yours efforts and planning will pay off because in the end, you’ll be able to pair your jacket with practically any outfit. By following the suggestions above, you can transform your basic jacket into a wearable work of art.

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