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4 Features that Make a Good Snowboarding Jacket

Snowboarding is an extreme sport that includes sliding down a steep snow clad mountain with a board tied to the rider’s feet. The sport might be dangerous, but the scenery picturesque nonetheless. However, certain protective equipment is required when performing it. One such necessity is a snowboarding jacket. Since the weather conditions can get harsh, ample amount of protection is of utmost significance. But what is so special about a snowboarding jacket? What features should a snowboarding jacket possess?

The points have been elucidated herewith. Keep reading to know more.


No matter how many fabrics have been blend together to make the snowboarding jacket, most of them have polyester as the base fabric. It is because the fabric is strong, resistant to shrinking, can stretch easily, is waterproof and can dry off extremely fast and is mildew resistant. All these combined make it an ideal piece of material for constructing jackets that fight cold and snow. Jackets made of polyester are also extremely durable, which further makes them the topmost choice. Some of the snowboarding jackets have nylon blended as well for that extra bit of resistance. So when picking a jacket for the same purpose, make sure that it is primarily made of polyester.


A jacket designed for snowboarding should at the least be water-resistant. The weather condition on a mountain can change drastically; hence, being prepared is the right word for it. The jacket should be able to keep the snow and rain out. If the jacket is not waterproof, you shouldn’t bother buying it. Good, yet cheap snowboarding jackets that are available with the top jacket manufacturers should be able to provide you the same.


Again, on an altitude that high, the direction and the severity of the wind can change anytime. The chill from the wind which blows at blistering speed can be dangerous for it might even freeze you if the right precaution is not taken. A snowboarding jacket thus should have wind resisting quality. Most of the good quality jackets are designed to ward off the wind, keeping you warm underneath.


A snowboarding jacket should be thick with many layers of protection. It is required if you don’t wish to freeze. However that shouldn’t reduce your breathability, in other words, it shouldn’t feel suffocating. The jackets come with the ability to trap the body heat, keeping you warm. But too much of nothing is good enough. It is very important for the heat from your body to escape for it can otherwise make you sick. Breathability is an important factor that a snowboarding jacket should offer in ample to ensure comfort and ease regardless the weather.

Thus, it can be concluded that a snowboarding jacket should possess the above-mentioned features in order to qualify as a good one. Reputed manufacturers of the same along with other off-beat jackets like custom team jackets and varsity jackets incorporate a wide range of shades to give the snowboarding jackets a unique appeal. While maintaining the functional features, these jackets are stylish too. Retailers can make a bulk purchase at discounted prices today!