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How a Sports Jacket Should Be Worn

Being customizing, you want to search for the same traits in a sports jacket that you’d search for in a blazer or suit. That is a perfect fit, solid construction, and great fabrics.

Consider where you’ll wear it and choose your fabric accordingly. If it’s a daily piece, it must be comfy in any climate and if it’s for a shooting weekend, stick to tweed.

The fit must be longer than a blazer and less restrictive, just beneath your trouser pockets and a taper in at the waist, but with breathing space for knitwear.

The bigger the pockets, the sportier your jacket, the other huge difference to a blazer is that you may want to use them.

Darker shades are at all times more versatile, but also more traditional. Wholesale sports jackets aren’t as stuff as blazers, so they’re an opportunity to have fun. Choose something fierce and make it a signature.

Ways to wear a sport jacket

A hint of sporty on the side

Double-down on the sports jacket’s activewear pedigree by teaming it with other staples that have long since retreated from activewear duty. A polo with chinos and chukka boots is the perfect kit in which to watch other individual’s exertions, with a fun drink in hand.

The not-on-call secret agent

Sports jackets enjoyed a revival in the 70’s when Edward Sexton at Nutters of Savile Row cut Norfolk-inspired adaptations for the likes of John Lennon. You can channel that decade’s fun, but bring it up to date, by teaming a sports jacket with some of its other go-tos. A polo neck jumper and chinos is an incredible way to build a contemporary, casual aesthetic.

Layers for any weather

Take advantage of a sports jacket’s additional inches and you’ll be covered when in-between weather does the inevitable. It dresses up with a V-neck jumper, tie, a shirt, and flannel trousers. Ensure you correspond the weight of the jacket to the trousers.

Get it all the way down

The splendor of a sports jacket is that you sport it with your laziest clothing and it can lift them, making them seem smarter than they are. Try one with a t-shirt, trainers, and jeans.

And the way up

Sports jackets are intrinsically more informal, but that doesn’t mean they’re only for weekends. To build a more official look incorporate a dark shaded tie, white shirt, and smart, well-pressed trousers. Finish with dark brown brogues, a clever nod to your sports jacket’s country origins.

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