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4 Stylish Jacket Trends You Should Look Out For In 2017!

Resort and audacity are the two words that can be easily associated with the fashion of todays world. While there is no particular definition for wearing apparels in relation to particular seasons, it actually requires a lot of daring to wear these experimental pieces. For instance, if you decide to sport a jacket when the temperature soaring high. Or maybe wear a swimsuit when the temperature dips.

With reds, yellows, furs, and most of 80s fashion making their way into the fashion circuit, after a minimalistic winter season, it is time for a dramatic summer. Expect loud colours, oversized clothes and voluminous finish, the jacket trend is going to continue for the next season and it is going to raise some eyebrows all around. Read the list given below which highlights the trends relating to jackets and how you can own them.

Floral prints straight from the garden

Overcoats, crew neck jackets and trench coats are stylish enough to make a statement of their own. And when they are incorporated with quirky and vibrant floral prints, they are a winner! The latest trend that has taken the fashion industry by storm is the revival of floral prints, or as it can be said earthly shades from the backyard. In fact, the graphic interpretation of the flowers on the every single piece of apparel was pretty massive at one time. Given that most of them are making a comeback, it would be correct to say that the flower power on trench coats and overcoats have caught on the fancy and is doing really well.

Kaboom with the bombers

When they were first introduced in the 80s, bomber jacket became a fashion rage. Everyone was obsessed with it. A few seasons back, they were revived from their banishment and guess what; they reached the epitome of their career. They are not new but the ones that come with embellishments are pretty popular with the millennial. Customized jacket is the latest version of bomber that popular for it is versatile and blends well with almost all apparels. Whether it is a casual gathering or a formal luncheon, just put on these and you are sure to garner compliments.

Red, white and blue for the varsity

To start with, it is not at all patriotic! The shades of red, blue and white from the colour spectrum looks great when combined together and only adds to the overall design of the varsity jacket. Varsity jackets had their inception in the American colleges and universities as a representation of an athletes achievement for the sports team. But the practical and chic design of the jackets only elevated their status as casual clothing integral for all fashion conscious people. And when combined with these three shades, it only makes sense you think!

Get the logo for the moto

Moto leather jackets are enough to create a pretty strong style statement, independent of all other apparels. The mania that is recognised as wearing bold slogans on the jackets has caught on so well with the young generations that they have become a staple. From slogans to initials, funky prints to jazzy patterns, the variety is varied and vast, which only makes the splurge noteworthy. It can be safely said that this style actually is a perfect demonstration of the combination of resort and audacity.

Since we are doing the jackets throughout the year trend, be on top of the game with the latest trends and updates in the fashion industry. A number of prominent wholesalers have gathered together a vast number of products that range from wholesale tracksuits to jackets. All of the products are extremely stylish and can be purchased at discounted price in bulk by interested small business owners and retailers.

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