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Bomber Jackets – Killing it Since Top Gun, Now and Always

Who among us will ever forget Tom Cruise’s classic bomber jacket look in Top Gun, a movie that made the actor an instant sensation – and with it the apparel too.

Many retailers since then have tied up with bomber jacket wholesale companies to keep their shelves shuffled and new even today. And since we are here to discuss a classic, it is our duty to only give you the best.

Here’s a peek into some of the most recent bomber styles by celebs this season –

Rihanna’s Look

Styled with a metal neck piece, Rihanna paired her black bombers with a grey ribbed crop top and mid waist jeans. In classic Rihanna style, she carried it off gorgeously with a chequered brown Louis Vuitton bag that makes the look a class apart.

The Love the Way You Lie star brought her panache the only way she knows how.

If you think you too have the confidence to pull this look off, it’s now or never!

Beck’s Bomber Look

Was there ever a man more stylish than your favourite English soccer bender, David Beckham?

Arguable question, and his bomber look explains why!

Sporting his ever sexy undercut hair, Becks paired his maroon bombers with all-black essentials underneath; we mean black tee and denim.

And boy is he setting serious style trends for men even at 42. Age is probably just a number for this British hunk!

Keeping it Casual with Kylie Jenner

Kylie has become one of the foremost youth icons from the Kardashian family and we couldn’t be any less surprised. Totally built for all the attention, Kylie carries herself with the style and glamour of a true born celebrity.

Her bomber look isn’t any different – layered with a sweatshirt underneath, Kylie keeps it casual with braided hair, minimal make up, and leather trousers.
If one were to be inspired by her style, it would be a great look for college or a coffee outdoors!

Priyanka Chopra’s Vibrant Bomber Look

Priyanka has been one of the recent Hollywood phenoms with Quantico, Bay Watch, and more on the way. This stunning Indian star and erstwhile Miss World surely knows how to carry herself like the icon she is.

Pairing a colorful bomber jacket with a plain white blouse and round sunglasses, Priyanka goes for distressed ice blue denims underneath and super white sneakers.

In terms of accessories, her cool backpack surely adds some flavour. The gelled and middle parted hair goes well with her bold red lipstick, creating a classic girl next door look for the season.

We are totally wooed by her sense of fashion and her Hollywood performances.

Semi casual with Simon Pegg

We wanted a look that would strike a balance between casual and formal, and Simon Pegg was just the man.

This funny and brilliant English actor surely gave us Friday dressing goals with his chambray shirt underneath his brown bomber’s jacket.

The short crop of hair paired with aviators and a clean shave complimented his perfectly fitted denims and brown shoes. Keep it going Simon!

Now that we have told you how to put in variety into your bomber looks, we can’t wait for you to experiment. And, if you want more affordable bombers, you could always get them as a part of cheap track suits! Just make sure they look cool. That’s about it.