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Trench Coats: Everything That You Need To Know About Them

Full Audio Version: Trench Coats: Everything That You Need To Know About Them

The trench coat is the classiest of all men’s clothing with a military heritage. This is probably because of the fact that it is one of the oldest army garments still widely worn by people today. But when the trench coat was first devised, it was allowed to be worn only by the officers.

Carefully balancing the lines of function and class for over 100 years, no piece of outerwear is as romanticized as the iconic trench coat. The trench coat has come a long way.

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What is a trench coat?

Back when the trench coat was known as the ‘trench warm’, it was actually created with a detachable sheepskin liner and it still works well over a gilet to the same end. With time, it evolved and today trench coat is a 3-quarter length coat designed to keep the rain and grime off your finer clothes rather than offering protection like an actual winter coat.

Many of the original details remain, of the most classic of styles. The throat latch, belt and the cuff tighteners allow for all the hatches to be battened down, should the weather turn. The double-breasted cut offers an extra layer of warmth for your torso.

Just by wearing it alone, you might not feel very warm but it will definitely keep your dry. After all, the trench coat was named after those first world war warrens in which men were exposed to the elements for weeks at a certain period of time. The trench coat was referred to as the technical jacket of that era.

The trench coat’s appeal today

Today, there are multiple versions of the trench coat available in the market, lined and unlined, short ones and the long ones, in khaki drill or cotton or wool gabardine, twill or the poplin weaves, with the more expensive options treated for the added waterproofing. There is a reason why this classic style never goes out of the trend. Since so much of the time is spent in the warmth of the homes, offices and cars, the need for a seriously heavy coat is greatly diminished. What’s really most useful is a breathable layering piece, such as a trench coat. If you are a business owner reading this blog and wondering from where to grab wholesale functional tracksuits then without wasting any time, reach out to one of the most reputed tracksuit manufacturers in USA today!

How to wear a trench coat?

Apart from being lightweight, waterproof with deep pockets and its practicality, the trench coat’s other great asset is its versatility. In fact, it is one of those few coat styles that can easily transform from smart to casual dress. It’s one of those few clothing pieces which actually look great over a suit, of course, provided you don’t attempt to wear a formal hat too! Going for a casual style, it looks great when paired with a sweatshirt and jeans. The look is more of the 1980s football casuals when worn buttoned up, along with a big scarf. The trench coat comes in plenty of colors now but the most suitable are conventional shades of black or navy, the definitive khaki or fawn.

The trench coat should be able to give you a good tailored fit when fully done up. In other words, it should fit around the shoulders and not balloon around the body. Heavier men might like to avoid wearing the coat belted as it tends to draw attention to the mid-section.

Length too should be an important consideration and for this, you should always aim for a style that is no longer than just above your knee and is no shorter than your mid-thigh. However, don’t get intimidated by the maxi-length trench coats as they can look effortlessly stylish too, as long as they don’t drag on the floor. Just remember that a too short trench coat wouldn’t provide the same sophistication that the trench coat is known for. Also, a trench coat tends to look better, the more battered it is.

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