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Custom-Make Varsity Jackets to Really Own the Trend

No other jacket has a deeper association with the American culture than the varsity jacket. In the present times, everyone from high school and university statement-makers to the most discerning street-wear sartorialist are seen rocking this trend with a lot of panache. There is no singular reason attributed to the popularity of this jacket but its versatility and history can be a good start.

Traditionally, it was the privilege of the schools or university’s top-athletes and jocks to own a varsity jacket with their name, name of the school, year and other such details printed on it but today, they are worn by even those who might have not played a single sport in their life, let alone cheered for one. The contemporary designers and manufacturers have made the college varsity jackets a trendy and coveted outerwear for the fashion-conscious men and women with ample opportunities for personalization. If you are a retail store owner and intend to expand your product inventory by including unique letterman jackets, here are certain ideas that you could incorporate for the success of your business.

  • Custom varsity jackets can be designed exactly according to your own sense of style and you can choose from classic to hoodie and retro.

  • Though, it still resembles the iconic and classic construction, the jackets can be personalized to include leather patches near the elbows to make it more modern.

  • You can include your own design elements and interesting prints to make it only one of its kind and that would probably help you to stay above the competition.

  • You can also use the jackets as a promotional item when a customer visiting your store reaches a certain billing amount. Customization would allow you to include your brand name or logo which would help to attract more customers.

Customization is going to open great avenues for you to explore your own creativity. The letterman jackets are already in demand and by tweaking it to fit more contemporary and fashion-forward customers will only give this trend a boost. But to be able to really break the ice with your target audience, you ought to get in touch with renowned manufacturers with access to top of the line manufacturing equipment and expert design team that can take care of your custom dreams. If you are looking to save money, then go for bulk purchase and get wonderful discount rates and package deals.