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Reasons To Don A Quilted Jacket This Winter

Quilted jackets from reputed quilted jacket manufacturers bridge the gap between more formal daywear and country sportswear. They take you from a country walk with your pet, to a pub meal with buddies, to a brilliant way to keep your suit dry throughout your everyday commute. They also look quite flashy.

Shoulder season norm

Is it too cold to ditch your coat but too warm to put on your winter duffel? Better get your hands on your quilted jacket. As well as being an amazing winter layer, this coat is a perfect pick for the random weather conditions offered up by the autumn and spring seasons.

Sport your quilted jacket as part of a lighter spring combo by teaming it with an attractive check shirt, country boots, and chinos. Or go autumnal by going for tweed pants, a cotton twill shirt, and a Nordic-style sweater, along with your quilted jacket sported as a top layer.

Splatter resistant

Overlooked your brolly? Don’t get caught out when the climate takes a sudden change for the worse. Designed to shrug off a splatter or two, a quilted jacket is a brilliant option to have on backup.

Your quilted jackets also bags points where puffers and gilets miss the mark, as being longer than either, the quilted jacket keeps your lower back cozy when chilly winds blow.

Chance to layer

Cold climate clothing is all about layering, which is where a quilted jacket comes into its own. As it’s created of layers seamed together to make the iconic diamond pattern, a quilted jacket entraps air, making it very lightweight and warm.

When it’s cold out, begin with an under-shirt, opt for a soft, warm tattersall shirt as your next layer, incorporate a jumper, and use your quilted jacket as a top layer.


Its roots in fishing, shooting, and hunting give the quilted jacket a gentlemanly stature other coats can’t match. It’s what makes this semi-formal peak coat sophisticated enough for the office without being too stifling for an informal meal with buddies.


A staple from the comfort of the equestrian set, quilted jackets have long since leaped over the fence into all-around men’s clothing. And for decent reasons, these jackets cleverly mix beautiful men’s tailoring with the means to keep you cozy whether you’re out on the run or your way into the office.

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