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Guide 101 – Helping You Choose Your Leather and Fleece Jackets Better!

Getting a costly leather or fleece jacket is no easy feat at all. In fact, with so much resources at stake, one should make the right choices so that their apparel lasts for a couple of years at least.

And no, it’s not the durability perspective! Real leather is extremely durable, costs a fortune, and could last a decade if handled and cared for properly!

Fleece jackets too are of a more or less a similar case – original fleece jackets can be quite expensive and might make a serious dent in your pocket.

To help you through all of this, this blog is going to set up a guide and help you make your best choice.

Wholesale Leather Jackets

Retailers get their leather merchandise wholesale from manufacturers who are producing a variety of jacket designs. However, you must choose one that is a head turner today and tomorrow, so that you don’t look like a middle aged person trying to hold on to their youth with their jackets!

Here are some of the popular variants and the kind of personal style they suit –

Glorious Black Leather Jacket

This one has a neck design that looks almost Elizabethan and a fit that will be envied by many. It has a zippered front and an alternative cutting at the tail of the jacket. The matte finish makes it look stylish with any attire and makes it a favorite among female leather jacket buyers; the apparel looks to hold on to its stylish reputation for years to come.

Leather Bombers Jacket

Bombers have been a favorite for leather jacket lovers ever since Top Gun. The cult move immortalized the apparel and whether you wear in brown or black hardly matters; however, brown bombers look better because they add a bit of color to the design which is usually the need!

Leather Blazer

This one has been a classic for years and made an impression on most leather enthusiasts around the world. It’s sophisticated and stylish, and can be paired with semi-formal and formal attires without affecting your style quotient.

On the other hand, when it comes to fleece jackets wholesale, you should always trust the retailer who has the following fashion variants (or close to it) in their store.

High Collar Straight Fit Fleece

This classic fleece is probably what all of us most identify with when talking about fleece jackets. It is very comfortable, light weight, warm, and cozy. Also, it’s availability in so many different colors makes it a great option for people of all ages and sexes.

Double Way Leather and Fleece jacket

The hack in the middle, the game changer, and the ultimate combination, fleece and leather go hand in hand and are easier to mould together than with other fabrics.
For extreme cold, the inner fleece makes sure that users stay warm and cozy while the natural leather fends away the cold winds.

So, after getting to know about the differences, utilities, and combination of the two fabrics and what it has to offer you, making a choice in both departments should become much easier. Don’t you think?

Now you can brainstorm your ideas on jackets really quickly and make a decision without any other problems.