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Which Men’s Leather Jackets You Should Own

Going by the words of most gentlemen, a good quality leather jacket is more than just a piece of stylewear. It is like a second skin, a reflection of your personality, a reflection of your manliness. Whether in the city, towns, ranches, at a friend’, or simply out on the road, your wardrobe should hold plenty of these timeless pieces. It is the most versatile kind of jacket, a fashion staple for decades and is meant to stay with you forever.

From cult item to workwear, the leather jackets are the best to choose.

Following are the 3 most popular leather jacket types which you should definitely think of getting your hands on.

The racer or moto leather jacket

Bring out your inner rebel with the next in line. Deriving its name from the word ‘motorcycle’, the moto jackets are not really meant to be used as a protective gear. In fact it’s a classic fashionable wear, made of more lightweight, softer leather with spare details and clean lines. Typically features two zip pockets, front zip and a little snap over the band collar.

The aviator or leather bomber jacket

Its origin is from the rugged military flight jackets that kept the flight crews and the early pilot warm from the extreme cold at the high altitudes. An American icon, with ribbed cuffs and hem, the leather bombers of current times come in varieties: leather, fabric, sheepskin. From its inception, it has gone through several variations not necessarily sporting the aviation features of slit or front flap pockets, stand-up collar, side zip pocket and shoulder epaulets always. Team it up with your favorite shirt for a smart-casual look or combine it with the right pair of your designer footwear for a more sophisticated image, totally your call as either way you are bound to impress some ladies out there. If you are a business owner and running through these lines, just place a bulk order with one of the best leather jacket manufacturers, customize your lot after checking the catalog.

The leather barn or field jacket

Originally designed for the diligent farmers, the barn jackets have developed into an urban wear since then. If your style is more rugged, with biceps, sweat, a light stubble then this baby is meant for you. Featuring clean lines, a button or zipped front, a classic field a.k.a barn jacket will be loose fitting, of hip length. One can trace it back to the time when it used to be the everyday wear of the U.S military officers but with each passing years it has undergone certain changes and now is characterized by a front storm placket, adjustable waist drawstrings inside and four front flap pockets. You can now find ample space in your jacket to keep your essentials!

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