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5 ways to Wear a Padded Jacket, Street Style Inspired

Padded jackets are great when it comes to protecting oneself against cold. Mostly used by mountain climbers and trekkers, the introduction of padded jackets in the mainstream clothing scenario has been much welcomed by enthusiasts. Since a padded jacket can balance both function and fashion effectively, it was easy to add them to the wardrobe. Though there is no prescribed way to wear a padded jacket, there are a few ways in which they can be incorporated into the daily wear for an appearance filled with bravura.

Here is a list that puts a few ensembles forth. Keep reading to make reference.

  • Wear a graphic tee shirt in a muted tone and a pair of slim fit jeans in black. A pair of white plimsolls will complete the ensemble. Pick a puffed oversized padded jacket in black and throw over the ensemble, keeping the zipper unzipped. Round shades for accessories will be enough to elevate the appearance.

  • Try to experiment with the padded jacket by picking it in a bright pastel shade like lilac. For a sleek appeal, pick a pair of wide-leg trousers in blue and a black shirt pepping through. Wear a statement belt to give a dressy touch to the attire. A pair of moccasins and a beanie will balance the equal parts quirky and equal parts classy ensemble.

  • Padding jackets come in all types of shades and textures, but the embellished one, which includes a bunch of quirky patchworks, is unique in its nature. Go for a dark background to let the embellishments stand out. Now to make it quirkier, wear a grey hoodie underneath. Complete the look with a pair of blue denim and plimsolls for a look worthy of praise.

  • Wearing a padded jacket along with your activewear might be off-beat but classy nonetheless. For this particular ensemble, it is better to go for an all-black look. Not only does it add a slimming illusion to your stature, you know it will never fail. Joggers, t-shirt, padded jacket, and sneakers are all you need. However, ensure that the clothing pieces except the jacket should fit you well for a more refined appearance.

  • For a formal approach, make sure you know how to balance your casual with the formal. A pair of tailored chinos and a shirt tucked in is a good base wear. Now comes the tricky part; wear a structured blazer inside and throw over the padded jacket on top. Black is the color you want to maintain the balance. A pair of loafers will complete the look with unperturbed panache.

So, make sure you use the padded jacket to its full potential while it is still winter. Incorporate the above-mentioned ensembles into your daily wear to get the attention of all the onlookers. Manufacturers of padded jackets and wholesale rain jackets have the latest pieces added to their collection that can be purchased in bulk by interested retailers. Discounts can be availed as well!