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Let Your Retail Store Shelves Boast the Elegance of Oasis Leather Jackets

Leather jackets need no definition! It is a fashion statement by itself. A stylish wear for both men and women, leather jackets are for every season. However, being available in rich shades of black and browns mostly, it is essential to choose the best product variants so that the mono-shade does not add to any monotony on the part of the wearer. Do you own a retail store and are planning to revamp your existing leather jacket collection for men and women? Are you a private business owner and want to add in designer leather jackets to your product portfolio? If yes, then you ought to join hands with a leading jacket supplier and place your bulk order from their designer collection.

If you have been searching for a leading name in this category, then you can opt in for Oasis leather jackets. As a leading manufacturing house, Oasis has been consistent in bring in new age, trendy, classy designer cuts and close body fits that attracts the young and the mature alike. Furthermore, the jackets carry a texture lustre that looks very chic and perfect to be worn in corporate dinners, casual cocktail parties or hangout session with friends.

The uniqueness of Oasis leather jackets is in its treatment towards colours, designs and commitment to quality. Other than using premium blend leather this esteemed jacket supplier, designer and manufacturer inspects the jacket quality by passing it through multiple tests to ensure only the quality products are bulk delivered to the client.

These leather jackets are:

Modish and comfortable to wear

Oasis ensures that it brings in variety even with the regular shades of black and browns. So it experiments with the shades of dark brown, light brown, chestnut brown and the like. With regards to the black leather jackets, Oasis experiments with the surface texture, from a matte gloss, light frosted glow to a smooth black leather finish.


These jackets can be hand-washed or can be given to laundry where the professionals would be aware on the best technique to get it clean.

Durable and rugged

Designer leather jackets designed, manufactured and supplied by Oasis is durable and long lasting. It last the rough use and still look at great with its rugged zipper, well placed pockets, body fit sleeves and notched collars.

If you want to woo your customers by offering them the designer product variants in leather jackets from Oasis, then get in touch by sending the manufacturing house a mail. Confirm your bulk order and the price range for Oasis to deliver the same on time and provide amazing package deals.