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11 Kinds Of Jackets: A Guide On The Super Popular Jacket Styles

Designed for keeping warm and for layering, a jacket is a stylish clothing piece. Today the jacket manufacturers have made available different styles of jackets each with different features and purpose.

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4 elements of a jacket

There are different elements of a typical jacket, each of which serves a specific role.

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The outer layer of the jacket is called a shell. It comes in various materials and colors and can be water-resistant or water-proof.


Beneath the outer layer of the jacket is the material called lining. It not only gives the clothing item its shape but holds together any added filling as well.


Now inserted between the shell and the lining is the material called filling. It is typically made of synthetic down or down feathers and helps in providing insulation.


Pockets are added on the front, chest or on the lower or upper interior of certain jacket kinds.

What is the difference between jackets and coats?

The two terms ‘jacket’ and ‘coat’ are often used interchangeably but there are several differences between the two.


Jackets are worn as a simple layer and are often built to be lighter weight while the coats are generally found to be heavier and designed to provide you with warmth in cold weather.


The length of a jacket will usually end at the hip or the waist like the suit jacket, denim jacket, waist-length bomber jacket whereas the coats will typically extend either below the knee or down to the mid-thigh such as car coats, trench coats, parkas.


The lighter weight and shorter length of jackets usually make them to be a more popular choice for athletics or any other vigorous activity. The heavier weight and longer length of coats make them superb for formal or casual wear in the winters but not that practical for performing any physical activity.

Some common materials which are often used in the jacket making

The jackets are constructed out of many different materials, each of which influences the clothing item’s function and shape. Some of the most common ones are covered below.


From tanning the hides of different kinds of animals, the leather material is made. Faux leather made from plastic is soft and waterproof though natural leather isn’t waterproof.


Entirely manufactured with polyester plastic fibers, fleece is a purely synthetic fabric. A fleece jacket is breathable, insulating and soft which makes it perfect for winters.


A natural fiber which can be dyed in many different colors and is usually found to be soft, fluffy and a great insulator is cotton. A drawback of cotton is it does not provide good wind protection and is also not waterproof.


A plastic-based material which is both water-resistant and soft is polyester. It is often used in the making of windbreakers and is a very light material.


The most traditional, warm and heavy material which makes it a good choice for winters is wool. There are also wool blends which are usually the combination of wool with polyester or wool with acrylic in order to make it softer.

11 most popular jacket kinds

The jackets have different purposes, features and styles. The development of synthetic materials for filling, lining and shells has permitted for multi-purpose jackets while the changing dress codes have permitted a variety of jacket styles to be great for different occasions.

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Amazing waterproof rain jackets

The rain jacket manufacturers construct the rain jackets out of waterproof materials which works great for protecting against rain and snow.

Cool varsity jackets

Also called the letterman jackets, the varsity jackets can be found similar to that of a bomber jacket in its making but with different colored patches and sleeves on the arms and the front.

Stylish bomber jackets

Often known as the flight jacket due to its origins in the Airforce, the bomber jacket is that casual jacket type which comes with a zip-up front, arm cuffs, cinched and ribbed waistband and multiple pockets.

Trendy biker jackets

The biker jackets are crafted out of heavy materials like leather, featuring thick layers and high collars that serve as a protection in case of a road accident. They are also called motorcycle jackets.

Classy suit jackets

Made for formal attire is a suit jacket, which usually comes in solid colors with very little ornamentation and are often available with matching trousers. They are typically found to be single-breasted.

Iconic leather jackets

Featuring a zip-up front and a stand collar, the wholesale leather jackets are constructed of faux leather or natural leather. They are quite a versatile jacket type as they can be worn casually or dressed up.

Comfortable puffer jackets

Puffer jackets are insulated and quilted with down feathers or other warm materials that make them best for winter months. They are also sometimes referred to as the down jackets or the quilted jackets.

Convenient windbreakers

A thin jacket type which is specifically made to resist light rain and heavy winds is a windbreaker. Crafted out of synthetic materials, it can be easily folded down to a small size for easy storage in a backpack or a duffel bag.

Fabulous field jackets

The weather-repellent, lightweight jackets are the field jackets. They are usually available with four pockets on the front.

Fashionable denim jackets

Also known as the trucker or jean jacket, the denim jacket is a casual jacket type which is often made from denim, a type of cotton made from hard weave. They are often dyed grey, black or blue and are commonly layered over cardigans and tees.

Classic blouson jacket

This jacket type is also similar in construction to that of a bomber jacket but flaunts a classic style fold-down collar.

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