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List Of Profitable Men’s Streetwear Trends for Winter 2018

Streetwear is so ubiquitous to its name that the name does not do proper justice to the uber popular trend. The streetwear style is not just limited to skaters so are so oblivious about fashion. Neither it is about those people who don’t take the concept of haute couture fashion into consideration. Right now, streetwear is a certified menswear phenomenon that is creating buzz in the market. The men’s streetwear style consists of swag, machoism and elegance that is very unique to itself and cannot be found in any other type of trend. Hence, if you want to instill the same vibe into your own line up of clothing, then read on the blog to find out the outfits that will make a mark.

Extreme layering

Winter is all about the layer game that you have to succeed in. So, take out all your jackets and sweaters from the closet and layer them strategically so that it only looks cool and trendy but comfortable as well. In case of shoes you can opt for trainers or converse that is either made of a statement color or suits the color of the entire outfit.

Hoodie game

Hoodies have this special bulky yet cool appeal to it. If you look through the collection of wholesale hoodies, then you’ll find out that the latest designs are a revival of the 70’ colors with sensible motifs. Primary colors are the most sought after, apart from that you can also carry off pastel colors pretty well, especially in colors like blue and green.

Preppy remixes

How about mixing some vintage finds with its modern cousins? Grandpa sweaters or ugly Christmas sweaters are great for pairing up with track pants or even joggers. Add a semi-bulky trainer with it and you’re good to go for the day, especially when the temperature is low, and you don’t want to put much effort into dressing up for it.

Leather lover

Leather has always been a winter favorite, especially for guys. Then why not wear it for the winters in the most unique way possible. You can either way jumpers that has leather patches and pockets instead of a complete leather jacket. Similarly, for the pants, you can wear joggers that has leather detailing. Basically, the ensemble will be all about wearing leather in unexpected ways.

90’s sports revival

Athleisure has been reigning the fashion scene since a long time. In fact, it goes back to the 90’s but back hat sportswear was only worn for the need of the activity not as a trend. Fast-forwarding to the present days, the athleisure has gained momentum and a lot of sub-trends has also being introduced like the retro, grunge, floral etc. The 90’s revival trend is all about the retro magic that you can play with your outfit.

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