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What Makes a Suit Look Good? It’s the Jacket!

Suits are one item in a man and woman’s wardrobe that helps to reflect style and class. It is a wardrobe staple for working professionals and successful individuals. But thanks to the star-studded opening ceremonies of sports to movie and music events where celebrities, sportspersons and musicians are seen making appearances in tailored, fitted suits and if not the whole suit, suit jackets, everybody seem to have taken a fascination towards this dressing trend. It certainly adds shizz into formal and semi-formal events and manages to grab eyeballs, literally!

Fit, Fit, Fit – Cannot be Harped Enough!

The fit has to be absolutely right!!! Wholesale suit jackets that are loose in the shoulder area or around the waist would look slouchy and completely break the statement that the wearer is aiming for. Wearing baggy tees, shirts and pants are a trend but when it comes to suit jackets, the fit is king and queen! Whether going for the formal or semi-formal look, it should be tailored according to the contours of the body exhibiting a flattering appeal.

Team it Up with Jeans for Casual Hangouts

This is especially for men who like to appear all chilled out and laid-back during the weekends or when lounging at a local pub or disco. If the end-game is to pick up the hottest girl at the bar and go home, then it is important to look a class apart from the rest of the crowd. Wear those well-worn pair of denims, the simple, solid colored casual tee and those working boots or converse but up the style quotient by adding a suit jacket!! The entire ensemble wonderfully comes together and looks very much sophisticated as someone who is affluent but wishes to appear modest.

Women Can Add a Suit Jacket to that Sexy Dress!

Who said suit jackets are only worn with skirts and pants and meant for the office? Work it out, ladies! Get a jacket with a longer length and wear it with that LBD or mesh fabric dress to be the center of attention as you dance all night long at the lounge bar! Designers and manufacturers in face have invested considerable time and though to re-imagining the suit jackets for women by adding such intricate style details such as shimmering fabric, the use of velvet and the use of belts instead of buttons, the styles of lapels range from basic to ruffled up ones. Suit your mood!

A lot rides on the kind of outerwear one is wearing to finish off the look of the entire outfit. There is a wide option to choose from – sports, hooded, lettermen, suit, and leather jackets. Each one of these styles and fabrics exhibit a unique kind of charm! Outerwear retail store owners cannot do without any one. Stock up on wholesale outerwear and expand your product offerings.