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Shia Lebeouf’s Wardrobe Staple Windbreaker Sets New Fashion Standards

The former Transformers-turned-performance-artist, Shia LeBeouf, may not be best in the game when it comes to his acting skills but he is certainly a decisive figure when it is about making a fashion statement. A lot of people are of the opinion that he dresses up as straight-up mess and his looks mostly comprise of dirty tees, dad hats and he has this proclivity towards army boots. But call it messy or what you may, his fashion choices have had a profound impact on the entire industry. The dangerously laid-back, cool luxe appeal that he exhibits is said to have influenced the world of fashion from afar and that can be vouched because Rihanna and Kanye West can be seen embracing his dad hats and even military boots.

Shia was Recently Spotted in ’90’s Inspired Windbreaker

Over the last few years, windbreakers have had some sort of a revival and have emerged as one stylish piece of outerwear that everyone ought to own. The jacket lives up to its name. It breaks the wind and stops it from affecting the wearer’s body temperature. This lightweight jacket is perfect for days marked with unpredictable showers as it prevents the wind and wet from affecting the body. Wholesale windbreakers are a must-have for those who wish to continue about his or her day dry and comfortable.

Recently, Shia stepped out in an extremely casual look that a lot of people agreed to be actually quite cool. He was sporting a multi-colored windbreaker that exhibited some serious ’90s style. If you need to stand apart from the crowd in 2016, pops of color is exactly what is required to flaunt a distinctive look. Outerwear manufacturers are increasingly coming up with vintage-inspired designs to blow you away…finding that perfect windbreaker displaying a devil-may-care style is easily available and if you are a big Shia fan, it is exactly what you need to stay protected this season while looking fabulous!

Windbreakers Doesn’t Necessarily Have to be Casual!

Largely windbreakers are a casual piece of outerwear but you needn’t follow on those same footsteps. You can always shake things up a bit and add a lot of spunk and funk. Smarten it up by making a few tweaks to your entire ensemble that you wear underneath.

Get in touch with reputed jacket suppliers and stock up on these transitional jackets in vibrant style and pulsating colors. Let men and women celebrate every season with a whole lot of oomph and cool!