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8 Ways To Make Your Dull Tracksuit-Appearance Wow-Worthy (For Women)

If celebrities taught us anything it’s that, with a little fashion sense, you can pull any outfit anywhere and everywhere. Gone are the days when custom tracksuit was just reserved for the sweaty early morning jogging sessions. And so are those days gone when they came in limited varieties to just pass you with a presentable appearance..

With few tweaks here and few there, tagged along with confident strides and daring avatar, you can make your otherwise dull tracksuit-appearance completely wow-worthy. And we tell you exactly how.

Stick to the regular color variations

Not just that it’s fairly safe juggling with the regular color variations, but black, white and gray tracksuit looks much appealing than those resolute green, pink and sky blue ones. They blend in well in any setup without making you look awkward.

Keep the fitting correct

Even for a casual appearance, you don’t need that hippy-like fitting. Keep the top and bottom moderate, nothing too tight or baggy.

Sass-up the look with plunging neckline

To elevate your sass-quotient, pull down the zipper a bit and go with a plunging neckline. Add to the look a classy detail with simple or stackable necklaces.

Team the track jacket with cuffed jeans and slip-ons

For an uber casual appearance, fading blue cuffed jeans and simple slip-ons with complementing track-jacket can never fail you. A relaxed, laid-back appearance to win the streets.

Mix things up with different sets

Don’t just stick to the same custom tracksuit sets. User alternate tops and bottoms. With a black track-pant, layer-up white crop tee with gray jacket; with white bottom, mix it up with the green top.

Pick the knitwear pullovers

Pull a formal-ish appearance with your casual track-pant. Pair it up with classy knitwear pullovers. Detail-up the look with light accessories, shoulder bag, and high heel sandals. During winter, windbreaker jackets are equally decent option.

Play safe with textures and prints

To pull an eye-appealing look, textured and printed tracksuits are perfect. However, don’t go overboard. Play safe with the regular varieties- nothing too fancy. Be also careful of top-bottom pairing; make sure they complement each other.

Wear it à la Gigi Hadid

When it comes to pulling tracksuit as your regular staple, who better to look up to than Gigi Hadid herself. Keep it casual and classy like her, but also have a minimalist approach. And most importantly, layer thoughtfully.

With these 8 simple tips, you can easily transcend your otherwise dull tracksuit-appearance into something wow-worthy.