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Style the Fall Favorite Varsity Jacket in Seven Different Ways

How to style a varsity jacket can range from classic to fashion forward looks. But according to the trends in 2018, some of the styling ways have changed even though the basic concept is same. No matter what your style preference is, the varsity jacket will remain to be the rage in the trend books of fashion designers. From fashion designers to models to famous actresses, everybody loves to create the iconic varsity jacket look. These one of a kind clothing piece is available with renowned jackets manufacturers who are curating the pieces with extra elegance and flair. If you’re interested in styling the jacket with current years foolproof trends, then read on the blog to find out.

The classic way

Classic never goes out of fashion. It is the epitome of timeless and trendless clothing and a varsity jacket is one such apparel that matches this vibe. If you’re traditionalist in nature then go for the neutral color look like the blue, blacks and the reds. It is not only versatile to put together but looks appropriate for any kind of occasion.

Sporty chic

All things sporty are in fashion right now, thanks to the athleisure movement and due to this the varsity jacket has gained such much fame. There are easy ways to work the trend without looking like you’ve just came back from the gym. Stick to casual pieces to complement the look and you’re good to go.

Feminine mystique

Work up a fun fashion contrast by teaming up the varsity jacket with something feminine like a skater dress. Make the outfit look flirty by wearing a stiletto with it and carry a clutch as the choice of bag. Even if you’re not the experimental type, trust your instincts and go for the look to create a fashion statement.

Toughen up

Even though the varsity jacket carries a preppy vibe with it, you can toughen up the outfit look by adding leather fabric complementary pieces to it. Either opt for leather pencil skirt or the daring leather pants and a pair of spiked boots, definitely grunge approved!

Monochromatic way

When you’re thinking about how to style a varsity jacket and want to play it safe, look for monochromatic ideas. Either you can choose dark monochromatic like an all black look or tilt on the lighter shades like white, peach or beige.

Do it like a boy

The androgynous look has created a lot of buzz given the fact that it materializes the gender neutral norms in the fashion sphere. The varsity jacket is one such piece of clothing that will help you to ace the tomboy look. Stick to boyfriend jeans and converse shoes and you’re definitely going to rock the look.

Print it up

Are you bored with the same old varsity jacket look and want to take the look a notch higher by mixing up with fun pieces ? Then the printed varsity jackets are there for you. Wear one of this jacket with a plain tee on the inside and team up with skinny jeans and heels to complete the look.

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