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Tackle The Winter With Down And Fleece

One of the best manufacturers of wholesale jackets Canada is also globally recognized as wholesale down jacket manufacturers. The range of products and designs they bring on is sure to stun a fashion lover.

Read further on to this blog to gain an insight into how to pair your down jackets and fleece jackets with regular apparel.

Choose the right color palette

Let’s start with an example, imagine a droplet of oil in a splash of water. The range of colors that spread out from the oil droplet, is the kind of color combination pastel and neon colors would look like if paired so. Whereas, pairing pastel with pastel, and neon with neon, would look either too bland or too loud. Clothing must be comforting and soothing to the body and eyes as well. In an attempt to go trendy, it is important to choose to balance your attire wisely. Hence, choosing the right color combination is important. Don’t forget to keep in mind your personality!

Color code for down jackets and fleece jackets

Down jackets are heavy winter wear that protects you from extreme cold. They have high thermal insulation that prevents heat from escaping your body, hence, keeping you warm throughout! It is a perfect garment to carry while traveling in winter.

Fleece on the other hand is mid-layer clothing that is worn in different weather conditions. It is lightweight and breathable. It is perfect wear while trekking as it contains maximum heat inside the body whilst making us feel light and comfortable.

Down jackets and fleece jackets both come in light as well as bright colors. Both were manufactured initially in single colors, but eventually, with the boom in the fashion industry, new designs were created. Now they are available in twin colors as well. Customization is always an open option as well.

Level up!

Winter fashion has come to a peak, starting from coats to binnies; every piece of the garment makes a statement. Disasters are also a part and parcel of life, but learning from them is important. The best available custom jacket manufacturers in Canada produces the best range of fleece along with down jackets. Check out the amazing collection and don’t miss out on the wholesale offers. If you are a retailer or a distributor, feel free to pick up the color that you like and order bang on!