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The fashionably delightful down jackets can make you to fight the extreme cold in a snazzy way! Wondering where to hunt for the much-loved celebrity styled down jackets? With an urban appeal, cocooned comfort, the head- turning master pieces are manufactured and distributed by the leaders of the jacket making community, Oasis Jackets.  Yes, globally acclaimed in our innovations, we work with a pool of adept design experts who cater to a huge clientele with unique fashion sense, and reach instantly to a wider targeted e-mob. The colossal collection for jacket lovers is constantly upgraded, and refreshed at the same time made in cutting edge technology, molded with high-tech insulated fabric.

These down jackets are made from hand selected nylon or polyester fabrics, which give them a waterproof, yet insulated feel. Oasis Jackets make the sheer down jackets ideal for outdoor varied adventure sports like camping, and trekking. Evolving fashion trends and designer ingenuity have created a craze for the down jackets not just among men, but adorned hugely by women.  Some of the astounding down jackets is usually woven with the feathers of a duck or goose for supreme warmth and a cozy feel.

These chic shields are rising in demand being light in weight and highly durability. We craft them infusing higher resiliency that are compressed as compared to the synthetic insulations. But they are mostly in usual black and browns! No! The goose down jackets are woven in myriad hues to satiate your color cravings. So, don’t shy in choosing these down jackets in bulk this season that will reflect your personality and flaunt the wardrobe boosters that will grab eyeballs straight away. If you want it for your retail business or buy in bulk to serve any purpose, just place your bulk order. Oasis Jackets bring to you down jackets unites fashion and function at its best at wholesale prices. Bulk buying is definitely on the cards when you can make the most of wholesale rates!

Winter sports enthusiasts and mountaineers ready to tackle extreme conditions have been purchasing down jackets in large numbers since they are the most reliable companions anyone can ask for. As a business owner or retailer, if you are eager to provide the most stylish and practical down jackets to your precious customers, start bulk stocking from Oasis Jackets.

We Are a Prominent Down Jacket Manufacturer

Working with a large team of talented and experienced designers, using industry-certified materials, and leveraging new-edge technology, we are proud to offer a wow-worthy assemblage of incredible down jackets. Our team comes up with innovative design ideas after observing the latest international trends. While neutrals have always been loved in down jackets, do you wish to get hold of the increasingly popular down jackets in bright hues and eye-catching prints? Want to stock up on oversized pieces with exaggerated proportions? They will surely help your customers to make a statement on the streets. We also have down jackets with tailored cuts and cinched waists.

We Have a Wide Catalog of Fashionable, Functional Wholesale Down Jackets

Our catalog is something you have never seen before. Broad, magnificent, and ever-updated, it consists of bright orange down jackets, amazing green down jackets, splendid black down jackets, and more in countless styles and designs. Durable, water-resistant, and lightweight, our down jackets are perfect for outdoor activities including skiing, camping, and hiking. They are highly insulating and offer the ultimate freedom of movement. Super fashionable and comfortable, they can also be used as athleisure wear. Check out our star-approved collection if you want to provide your customers with a celeb look— from Kim Kardashian’s long style to Cardi B’s hooded jacket to Sophie Turner’s utilitarian style, the list goes on.

Drop a Mail to Our Help Team to Customize Your Bulk Down Jackets

Customization offers your brand a distinctive personality and if you want to associate with the top manufacturer to get the most unique custom down jackets, contact Oasis Jackets now. Whether it is an exceptional color, print, or feature, simply share your wholesale plans via mail and our team of fashion editors and creative heads will get to work. On bulk orders, we provide pre-production samples.

Have a Look at Our Massive Collection of Sustainable Down Jackets

As more people want to stay stylish and warm without harming the planet, we, a distinguished sustainable down jacket manufacturer, offer a jaw-dropping inventory of the best eco-friendly down jackets. Constructed out of lower-impact materials, natural dyes, and less water, they are grounded in utility and designed for long-term use. Our jackets are chemical- and cruelty-free.

We Are One of the Most Famed Manufacturers of Private Label Down Jackets

Most businesses adopt the private label model as it potentially increases the profit margin. Get in touch with us to have top-notch private label solutions if you too want the same. We can offer you full custom design services. We can also emboss your brand logo on our well-designed, quality products.