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How to Take Proper Care of Your Denim Jacket To Make it Last Long

Denim jackets are a classic and almost everyone who loves the old school machismo will have a denim jacket hidden somewhere inside their closet. Even today, wholesale denim jackets are very much in style and one could always get their pick in any one of the top retail stores around their place. However, this blog is meant for an absolutely different purpose and it will give you some tips as to how you can take care of your denim jackets and make them last longer.

Remember, these care tips aren’t absolute, but all of them will get your jacket to a better condition than it was before!

Try to stop washing very frequently

Some people have this idea where they feel that washing an apparel frequently will get them better results and it will be counted as good care. However, in most cases, that is far from the truth and too many washes could degrade the fabric condition over time – especially for denim. Try to use other methods like brushing to keep it comparatively clean and also dust free from the all the heavy usage you are going to subject it to.

Try a steam bath

A good hack to clean your denim and keep it away from a wash is to hang it during a steam bath. However, one must be very careful as to not let the warm water touch the jacket, because that can cause shrinkage and really mess the shape and texture of your denim. Alternatively, steam baths are much safer form of cleaning and keep the fabric in the right shape and help your jackets last a lot longer. Denims are made to handle rigorous usage, but washing is not something it is particularly fond of.

Soaking it in Vinegar

Vinegar is a useful detergent for denim wash and helps lock in the colors while keeping the dirt at bay. It doesn’t mess with the denim dye, which is the case with most of the other detergents. However, one should always remember to use cold water and white distilled vinegar – half a cup would do just fine. Over time, it will cleanse all the dirt and what will be left is your sweet denim jacket!

Jeans Freeze

You could also refrigerate your jacket for a little while to kill some bacteria and also keep it clean in the long run. Plus, it takes very little effort and is one of the most effective ways of cleaning a jeans jacket without actually messing up its make. Of course, there is always the option for dry wash and that will need some cash investment, but it is definitely the best option for your denim jackets long term life.

All of these methods are very helpful in making sure that your denim jackets stay as much close to its original new condition over time as possible. Even customized jackets need similar care to keep them at their best condition and it would benefit you to stay as far away from a wash as possible!