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The Different Features Of A Rain Jacket

Did it ever happen like you are wondering into an REI outer section and then you feel lost in the wilderness of polyester and nylon? Getting the features of a rain jacket will help you choose the jacket that fits you, keeps you dry and is within your budget. While technology in the fabric of rainwear plays an important role, the construction details can’t also be avoided.

So don’t forget to check out the features of the jacket before you pick one out of the wholesale rain jackets


Most jackets are loaded with zippers from pockets to pit zips to front opening. In order to keep water from seeping through zippers, a storm flap or rubberized coating is required. The laminated zippers also called the coated zippers are harder to zip up and down. They also require a cover, often known as a zipper garage or a zipper hut to cover the tiny opening at the zipper track’s end. In order to save weight the trend is away from full flaps, though the coatings will gradually wear off becoming less effective.


As even the most breathable rain jackets can start to wear off during heavy strenuous jackets, almost all rain jackets have underarm vents or the pit zips. In fact, some jackets even go a step further featuring mesh liners in torso pockets that can also double as additional vents!


In order to fine tune the size of the opening, most hoods of the rain jackets have adjustments and brims on the sides and in the back. Some of the jackets also have hoods that roll and stow and zip off in the collar. If you are a business owner reading this blog wondering how to buy from suppliers, get in touch one of the best jacket suppliers in USA offering a wide variety of fabulous jackets.


Pockets will add to the price of the jackets, especially if they have waterproof zippers. Some of them can have so many pockets that you might even get tempted to forget your actual budget. Other jackets come with hand pockets away from the shoulder straps placed above the hip-belt. Today, many jackets include a pocket that offer a cord port which lets you listen to the music player on your phone. Some of the rain jackets are created in such a way that they hide pockets along seams or storm flaps where there’s a less chance for the pickpockets to find them.

Seam taping

As the construction needs so many seams, a true rain jacket would be one that is fully seam taped in order to be absolutely waterproof. You don’t have to consider seam taping as a part of your purchasing decision since all waterproof jackets are created this way.

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