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The Types Of Winter Jackets To Stay Warm And Stylish: Leather, Fleece, And More

Outerwears are our ultimate rescuers when the wind chills through the body in freezing winter season. Be it the long coats or the jackets, the outerwears not only add warmth and coziness, but also instantly toss up the wearer with a smart and very buyout fashion statement. Bringing a handsome and very hunky feeling to a casual look like the cherry on the cake, you need to try out the seasonal outfits in the form of coats and jackets to upgrade your style essence double the meter. Be it the polar fleece jackets, the moto jackets, the windcheaters, or the downs, the leading manufacturers and designers craft a medley of jackets in different designs to block the chilling winds, and keep the style-o-meter high.

Talking about these, here are the few types of jackets and coats which you need.

The leather moto jacket

The name definitely doesn’t mean you need a bike to complete a look with this jacket. The buckles, zippers, pockets and other features which these leather jackets flaunt reflect a smartness and edge which is commendable for any stylish man or woman. A classic clothing option, but very contemporary, whether you team up in a complete leather ensemble head to toe, or deck up the black jacket with neutrals and pastels or even brighter clothing counterparts, they add a completely sexy and downright modish stance. The wholesalers and designers give way to an array of designs in custom leather jackets
and choosing from the varying styles becomes easy for people.

The parka

Offering the best protection against freezing wind, snow and rain, the parka jackets come with a fusion of form and function, and the right touch of style. The thick superior lining with nylon shell, and faux-fur addition to collars and hands make it the right option to feel fashionable, look great and add warmth to one’s persona. Very urban in poise, men can wear this with anything, and for women, they look great with denims and body con dresses.

The down jacket

The down jacket or better known as the puffer coat looks fluffy and is ultimately topped with a finesse of its own. Neither too lightweight nor too heavy, you will get them with and without the addition of faux fur. They insulate the body with warmth in freezing colds, and the detachable hood works well to complement the style you would like to embrace. Wear them literally with anything and everything for being highly versatile.

The letterman varsity

Get hold of the varsity jackets in sweater style made of wool which add a sporty stance to any wearer’s persona. These jackets can come in both dark and light shades, and add a poise which is irreplaceable. Classic and very updated for today’s age they can be worn to any casual occasion.

The Windbreakers

For the weekend errand and casual events, the leading windbreakers wholesale designers have given way to the colorful and stylish windbreaker jackets. They are made of materials which blocks both wind and rain, and can be used for the best coverage and support.

The fleece jackets

When it snows, and you need extra comfort and warmth in winter, the polar fleece jackets come to accompany you. Be it in the form of cropped jackets r full length trench coats, these are very uber-cool, and classy enough to team up with chinos, skirts, denims, or dresses effortlessly.