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This Fall, Make Classic Varsity Jackets Your Ultimate Style Companion

Since their origins as jocks’ sportswear in American high schools, the varsity jackets have come a long way, and continue to reign supreme even in 2018. A must-have winter staple, this jacket always creates a buzz in the global fashion scene. No more are these jackets used to prove your sporting prowess, as they have come a long way and work as mainstream clothing option. These thick cotton jackets have modernized and now come in a wide variety of materials; leather, silk, nylon, suede and so on. Thus, experimenting should always be your choice!

Losing their heavy box silhouette, the modern varsity jackets have become highly popular due to the sudden and strong emergence of athleisure style statement. The varsity jacket manufacturers ensure bringing in new types, styles and designs of these jackets.

The history of varsity jackets

The American colleges, especially Ivy League, Harvard University gave prominent place to varsity jackets, mostly worn by the baseball star players. The varsity jackets worn by the top jocks featured a fabric letter ‘H’ sewn onto the center of their uniforms; hence the name letterman. Later different universities created their own letterman jumpers. It was during the 20th century that designers all over the world witnessed them as great fashion options! Thus, collectively they turned the classic varsity jacket into a more fashionable, and less plush, modern menswear that could be worn by both jocks and nerds.

Here are some of the most essential varsity jacket designs that you must own.

The nylon varsity jacket

The classic design of varsity jacket in cotton is replaced by nylon, and these jacket are great for running weekend errands. Pick them in navy blues or black and greys.

The leather paneled varsity jacket

Go for a leather paneled varsity jacket that comes in some earthly tone, be it brown or maroon to be worn with light colored clothing counterparts.

The graphic printed jacket

Look cool and bold reflecting a wonderfully crafted graphic printed varsity jacket in any primary or neutral shade, for fun times on weekends with friends.

The reversible shiny varsity

The part varsity, part track jacket is a great fusion to wear for casual occasions, and in satin shimmery material would look great as an evening wear option.

The classic style varsity

If you have few of the varsity jackets, your collection would not be complete without the classic beige and black colored heavy cotton varsity jacket, with a letter stitched on the chest.

If now you have an idea about the types of varsity jackets that you should own, here are some of the style tips to rock this trend with complete confidence, and look absolutely dapper this winter.

Get the fit right

the most primary prerequisite of wearing varsity jacket for any occasion in winter would be to get the right fit. As the key piece, you can’t afford to look swamped, and hence a very sporty yet classy stance must be carried forward. Neither can it be too loose or oversized, nor should it end up looking extremely tight fitted.

For peppiness

If you wish to get a preppy and funky look for a party on weekends, you need to be smart and casual so keep it neat and sharp. For this, you can go for the graphic printed jacket, and wear with distressed denims and sneakers!

Sporty vibes

To try out athleisure for traveling or other occasion, men can try out a sporty varsity jacket and an easy ensemble with track pant would do the justice.

Thus, try out varsity wholesale jackets this winter for street smart looks!

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