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Track pant trends women should abide by in the year of 2018

The tracksuit is currently one of the top trends that is making headlines in the athletic fashion scene this year. Top celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Rita Ora, Bella Hadid are wearing the outfit in many ways hence leading to the re-invention of the classic American outfit. But the track pants in specific is a lot more versatile and they can be worn in many different and chic ways. The key to styling the pants is to not overdo the entire outfit but stick to basic pieces and create an elegant outlook. Manufacturers are producing wholesale tracksuits adhering to the latest trends that are in high demand due to the changing fashion norms in the loungewear scene. Retailers who want to order these apparel items can get in touch with the customer care team to let them know of the bulk needs.

Vest it up

To keep the look clean and comfortable try pairing a colorful track pant with a white silk vest. In this way you not only create a subtle style statement that looks effortless and breezy, but this look can also sail you through a quick meet with a friend to a lunch date with beau. Stick to monochromatic accessories so that the color plays off and the outfit does not look haphazardly put up.

Bold with blazer

Have you ever tried wearing track pants to the office ? Well, if you pair it up with the right pieces then you can definitely slay the formal look. Sometimes you can steer away from the dress code and perk up the otherwise blah outfit that you have to wear every day. Don’t think of a bright colored pant, rather stick to the monochromatic like black, navy blue, grey etc. Pair it up with a contrasting color suede blazer and white tee or camisole underneath it that can be of a nude shade.

Bralette baby

This is the most stylish look you can refer to for the summer. In fact you can wear it to the gym as well. Bralettes are a pretty safe and stylish option because it would neither make you look tacky nor expose your modesty. Hence go for such styles that will suit your skin tone and then select the color of the track pant. If you feel that there is a lingering chill in the air, then drape a stylish jacket over your shoulder and you’re ready to hit the streets.

The tracksuit way

The plain old tracksuit is also pretty good to get you through the lazy days without the worry of looking clumsy or disorganized. A color coordinated, or monochromatic tracksuit will suit you just fine. You can wear it everywhere since it does not give off the loungewear vibes but makes your outfit look properly assembled. To brighten up a dull day chose a pop colored or pastel colored tracksuit that can be teamed up with a sleek pair of converse shoes to complete the look.

The aforesaid tracksuit trends are quite easy to style and women don’t have to worry about their body type to suit the look. Current trends like wholesale jackets have created a lot of buzz among fashionistas and is being given attention upon for its dual role of being a functional and comfortable outfit.