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When Varsity Goes Leather – the Ultimate Jacket Love Story!

If one were to decide on two of the most iconic jackets that anyone relates to in the American state, then the answer undoubtedly would be varsity and leather jackets. These jackets have been a part of pop culture for years; be it their influence on Hollywood, celebs, or the music industry – both of them have survived and vehemently so!

And like everything else that is famous and loved, people are bound to think once again, what happens if custom varsity jackets are made of leather. Varsity in fact is a style or design rather than a fabric – and this is where their love saga starts.

Does it exist?

Yes. Many designers and manufacturers did think of putting it together like never before and designed genuine leather varsity jackets that had a different, more mature appeal because of its hide texture rendered by the leather. Because of the crossover, this jacket could look great for anything – from sports and games excursions, to parties, and even semiformal events.

So, before you move over to get your very own specimen, let’s take a look at what you can pair this jacket with –

White Shirts and Khaki Chinos for semiformal

The ultimate semiformal look is this one if it ever exists. Get your leather varsity jacket in black and yellow combination to complete this look. Wear a belt that matches with your shoe and you are good to go. You could add on a bit of panache by pulling up your sleeves and adding a pair of aviators or wayfarers – whichever suits you best. You could also wear black mid leather low ankle sneakers that would absolutely compliment the whole dress up.

Joggers and tees for athleisure and sports events

Whether you are going to watch a baseball game or play your own game of softball, this look is just the right one. The jacket fits in with the tee and joggers like a dream and a dunk shoe to go with it would made the look complete. Add a pair of wraparound sunglasses to give it the ultimate outdoor look – and then you can run around and play catch in style.

Distressed Jeans and shirts for the day look

And if you want to wear it for a day look then you can pair it with a ripped pair of jeans and a shirt that looks very casual; something like a plaid flannel shirt will do. Roll your sleeves up and wear a metal watch – you can add a pair of cool white sneakers underneath to complete the look.

All of these above dress ups will give a new aura to the varsity leather jacket you have taken so much to. It represents everything that is great about crossover fashion done right and is the reason why you should always believe in fashion love stories.