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Varsity Jackets: An Ever-Essential Wardrobe Fashion Staple

The origin of the varsity or the letterman jacket can be traced back to the year 1930’ in United States of America. It was actually given to the best pupils in the high school as a matter of recognition. Going for changes over the last several decades, it recently found its current meaning: the ideal wear of the high school sportsmen. With so many moderations, it finally got its due credit, today embodying the idea of being carefree, young, having the much needed rebellious spirit.

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What happens when you are varsity-inspired?

Gaining its identity from the American campus and the sportswear codes, the varsity jackets are super cool and trendy, mostly perfect to sport an off duty look. The comfortable jacket piece gives a supreme chic appearance, giving a modern, special and urban vibe. Nowadays you even spot many women wearing the varsity as a casual and sophisticated workwear. With a letter sewn on the jacket, it lets the others know where the heart of the wearer lies.

Experimenting with texture

Originally produced of leather and wool, the varsity jackets have gone through pretty much alteration. The fashion designers of the modern day took the decision that they should be crafted with a much more lightweight, insulating foam fabric. This use of materials not just delivers a casual, chic look but ensures that you keep warm until the spring season hits. With the classic polo t-shirt, its quilted exterior is a genuine compliment to your style and persona. The jersey insides of the letterman see to it that you get the maximum comfort.

Plays with color contrast

Not essentially the blue and black, you can now bring more fun out of your varsity jacket piece by going for a vast range of colors of your choice. Doesn’t matter whether it’s whites, creams, light greys or pastels, pick any and you are bound to look your modest best. Some varsity plays with the contrasts like an olive green body with light brown sleeves or grey sleeves with a navy blue body. The twist lies inside though when you get the color contrast inverted!

Throw on a letterman and create magic

For the ultimate casual yet fashionable look, wear the varsity with the denims and make the most of it. Pair it with your denims, the trousers and tee, grab your chunky white sneakers and you are all good to go. If your type is more black than white, then you can also pick your favorite black tee shirt as the best alternative to the white one. Best suited for the daytime attire, these contemporary takes on the varsity jackets will give you a more relaxed and softer vibe.

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