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What You Should Never Do With A Down Jacket

Are you planning to go on a high-altitude winter trek? Make sure to invest in a premium-quality down jacket, brought by only a well-known down jacket manufacturer. Even at -30 degrees, it will do a great job of keeping you warm (with an additional layering of course).

A down jacket is filled with under-feathers from birds like geese or ducks. Known to be a really great insulator, it forms several little air pockets which retain heat by trapping warm air, thus keeping you warm enough.

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Things you shouldn’t do with a down jacket

Down jackets are simply great for extremely cold temperatures. However, they do require a little more care than any other jacket style. There are certain things that you should never do while and after getting a down jacket:

  • While walking on a trek, you shouldn’t wear a down jacket. Since even the basic ones are very warm, they will make you sweat, and this would cause you to dehydrate quickly. Also, if you wear one during a trek, then you need to be extremely careful of sharp objects, such as thorns or branches. These would automatically damage your costly down jacket’s light outer layer.
  • There are two things that you need to look for when you are buying a down jacket, the weight of a jacket and the fill power. You shouldn’t buy one that has a fill power rating of less than 550 if you are going for a mountain trek. And, never forget to check its weight.
  • Always keep in mind, most manufacturers don’t make down jackets waterproof. These jackets are usually splash proof. They will lose their fluffiness if they are exposed to water for a long time. After all, they are primarily made of feathers. If you still decide to wear it during monsoons, then make sure to wear a raincoat over it.
  • When you are not using your down jacket, take it out and keep it in direct sunlight every once or twice a month. This makes sure that it doesn’t get moistened, and also ensures the feathers are fluffier and drier. Whenever you are washing your down jacket, make sure the weather is sunny. Wash it in the first half of the day, so that you can keep it hung outside for the rest of the day.
  • Don’t wash your down jacket after every trek. They hardly get smelly or dirty during the trek. It will lose its splash-proof layer and fluffiness in no time if you head inside the bathroom or throw it inside the machine very often. Wash it just once every 10-15 treks.

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