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Women’s Varsity Jacket Style, Perfect for This Winter

Varsity jackets have been long associated with urban fashion and a more sporty style. But in the last couple of years, however, a lot of designers have changed their way of seeing letterman jackets as strictly casual gear. The modern jacket allows you to mix and match your varsity jacket with anything providing you have a little sense of aesthetics. Thus, one of the suppliers have come up with a unique collection of bulk varsity jackets for women that business owners can have a look at for the investment.

Let’s find out in the blog below what makes this the perfect layer wear for your winter wardrobe.

Sporty loo

There are various reasons why a woman should be wearing sporty clothes from time to time. And we’ll give you one more, a varsity jacket! It can look a little boyish but with a proper choice of accessories, you can look very feminine. For a sporty look, you will have to go for a T-shirt, either plain or patterned. A pair of boyfriend style jeans or shorts will complete the outfit well.

Casual attire

For a more casual vibe, make sure to choose a classic jacket in shades of red, white or black. If you add a plain tee and a pair of tight jeans, you’ll rock the streets. You’re not limited to sports shoes, so feel free to wear a pair of nice flats or even platforms. Some women, however, prefer plain which is perfect to be worn with a pair of white trousers, a grey tee or a blouse and a black varsity jacket.

Elegant aesthetic

You can look elegant and glamour too. All you need is a proper varsity jacket, smart accessories, and of course, high heels. Varsity jackets come in many styles so go for an elegant one such as white with leather sleeves or a gun club check one. If you don’t like wearing trousers, choose a pencil skirt instead, either grey, black or white. A smart blouse and a pair of sexy shoes will help you to complete the look.

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