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Style Tips for Styling Leather Jackets in The Most Unconventional Way

Every woman who has ever purchased her first pair of leather jacket knows the felling at the pit of their stomach, whether she would be able to pull it off. Whenever women think about leather jackets, the image of a rebellious chic in an emo phase comes to everyone’s mind. But sparing the stereotypical view, there are many ways that you can wear the leather jacket. Be it with a maxi dress or with a suit. The real deal lies in the fact that how well you can combine the leather look effortlessly with other pieces of clothing. Hence this season find out how you can incorporate the leather look in your outfits and look like a diva. Wholesale leather jackets manufacturer have come up with cute pieces in their collection that you can have a look at.

Turtleneck wanderer

Have you ever paired a leather jacket with a turtle neck sweater? This time you will. All you need to do is opt for a camel yellow colored jacket and an ivory colored turtle neck sweater. Even though the outfit exudes rich autumn vibes, you can still wear it in the winters with the addition of a trouser or dark denim pants. Opt for bold lips and shadow tinted eyes to create some drama with the look.

Printed leather

If you think leather jackets are all about solid black pieces, then you’re absolutely wrong. These are also available in funky prints that you can have a look at. In this case the highlight of your entire ensemble will only be the leather jacket, hence keep the other clothing and the footwear toned down. Similarly, opt for a minimal make-up because you wouldn’t want to look like a ringmaster in the middle of the day while crossing the road.

Bright power

Don’t always go for solid black colored jackets. Sometimes you can also experiment with pop colors like a red, pink or even yellow. Here the only problem that you can face is jumbling up the focus of the outfit. Hence, make sure to pair light colored pants with the jacket. Similarly, the layering top should also be in a neutral color to balance out the look. In case of makeup there’s a trick that you can follow; either match the eyes of the lip shade with the color of the jacket.

Thus, invest in those jacket types that will suit your personal aesthetic. Retailers can get in touch with one of the leathers & wholesale satin jackets manufacturers. Browse through their collection of unique jacket pieces and state the bulk needs to the customer care team.