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3 Rain Jackets that Will Make You Want It to Rain All Year

In all honesty, we all hate rain (not unless you are a kid or someone hopelessly in love and want to spice things up with your partner)! Those annoying puddles, the never ending gloom and the fear of getting the clothes wet before we even reach the workplace. It is a mess. And those hideous rain jackets! Arrgghhh! They are a nightmare. Potential enough to ruin a well-maintained outfit, these jackets have tortured us for years. Not until recently when someone decided to add some form of style to the rain jackets. With a more evolved elegance now, these jackets are winning our heart and our wardrobes. They come in three specific types. Want to know what are they?

Then read on as they have been discussed in details.

The hip length wonders

The hip length rain jackets are perfect for people who are active and have to stay outdoors for long periods of time. These are extremely comfortable and blend well with other outfits. So wear them over a dress or with a pair of jeans and top, they tend to go well with all. These rain jackets look best when incorporated with smart stripes or sassy polka dots. You can opt for a transparent version of the hip length rain jacket as well for a more quirky appearance. Prominent manufacturers have wholesale rain jackets displayed as a part of their vast collection.

The low on the hip rain jacket

Not too long for a short person, neither too short for a tall person, a low hip rain jacket is perfect for everyone. Since they end well below your buttocks, you can sit on the park bench (read when it is raining) and not get dirt on your clothes. The length of the jacket is what makes it a perfect investment. You can wear it to your office when it is raining hard. Slip it on over jeans, t-shirts, skirts, shirts, pants or any apparel you want to, you can be assured that your clothes are safe. Moreover, their cheeky designs (ranging from the printed ones to the plain ones), these waterproof wonders are a rainy season miracle.

The kiss to the thigh

The mid length rain jackets (without being judgmental) is perfect for tall people. They come just up to the knee thus creating an illusion for your silhouette. The durability of these jackets makes them ideal for rainy days. Furthermore, these can be worn with any and all clothes, specifically if you do not want rain to spoil your perfectly good clothes. These jackets look extremely smart due to their versatile design. Pick them in dark solid shades for a smart addition to your outfit.

To conclude, these stylish rain jackets is everything you need. Each is so perfect in their own rendition that having them has become a must. Reputed manufacturers have a vast inventory which showcases colorful rain jackets and windbreaker jacket wholesale that can be further bought by the retailers in bulk at discounted rates.

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