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The 5 Amazing Types of Windbreaker Jacket

There are millions of jackets out there, fleece, bombers, satin and more, but nothing can come close to a windbreaker. Chances are you might have at least heard about one if you still don’t have one. A windbreaker jacket is one of the most versatile and fashionable clothing items in the market today due to its powerful ability of keeping you warm in chilly weather. A popular supplier has come up with a fascinating collection of wholesale windbreaker jackets which displays a style for everyone.

Coming in different styles, here are 5 types of windbreakers you need to know about.

Water resistant windbreaker jacket

In order to give a windbreaker the water resistance property, the manufacturers apply to the outside of all jackets a DWR coating, thus making it a waterproof jacket. When rain falls on your windbreaker, it will bead up and then fall off your windbreaker jacket, keeping you dry. The only problem with DWR coating is that over time, its effectiveness wears off. Water resistant windbreakers are simply the best if you live in a location where there is heavy rainfall every other day.

Tricot windbreaker jacket

The most heavy weight windbreaker jacket is the tricot windbreaker. Tricot being extremely soft to touch, they are very comfortable to wear and offers a little shine from the fabric. A small drawback is these jackets do not withstand water well in comparison to the other jacket types but definitely does its best to keep you warm. Due to tricot’s heavy weight, windbreakers made from this material are ideal for people living in colder weather conditions.

Insulated windbreaker jacket

Usually, the insulated windbreakers have cotton or fleece liner which makes them much warm and cozy than other jackets. The liner is created to increase the resistance to bad weather while nylon helps to wick away rain from the body to help it breathe better. The insulated windbreaker jackets will make you warm up much faster so it’s a great jacket to grab in cooler weather.

Polyester windbreaker jacket

The polyester windbreaker is slightly heavier in weight than the nylon one which causes them to be a bit bulkier. Due to the use of this material, these jackets are softer and tend to be much quieter when you move in comparison to nylon. For almost all weather conditions, polyester works as a hard wall which easily makes it an excellent choice if you want to stay dry and keep warm. If you are a business owner reading this blog and thinking where to find wholesale jackets in Los Angeles then you should connect with a prominent jacket manufacturer who holds a colossal catalog of trendy and premium quality jackets.

Single layer nylon windbreaker jacket

Single layer nylon is the best known windbreaker jacket type in the market today. Here the jacket is made of one single piece of thin, nylon fabric. Though these jackets can be worn the entire year, they usually do the best in warmer seasons. Many people pick these jackets when going out for some outdoor activities like biking, running.