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5 Tips to Choose Windbreaker Jackets

Windbreakers are special types of coats which can be used to escape the impact of cold winds that blow quickly. In some cases, it can also withstand some rain. It can perform the function of protecting the body against both wind and cold, and are mostly constructed out of synthetic materials. These are generally strong in form and are well-insulated up to some extent.

If you have an online apparel store, you can consider using these 5 tips to choose the best wholesale windbreakers.

Look for style quotient

It is important to go through fashion magazines and websites and find out the latest trends in windbreaker jackets. You can find windbreakers of numerous styles, with many types of decorations in the form of patterns, pockets, lots of zippers and accessories such as dangling chains. Buy simple windbreakers as well as the ones that come with these types of styles.

Get those with adjustable hoods

It is essential to find windbreakers which come with adjustable hoods attached to the top. This can keep the head safe from chills, sun and rain during any weather condition. The hood should be proper in size and fittings, neither too tight nor too loose. A hood that is too tight can be a cause of great discomfort.

Go for durable materials

Mens windbreaker jackets are made out of varied types of fabrics such as tricot, polyester, micro polyester and nylon. While nylon is water-resistant and strong in form, it makes a swishy noise while walking. This is the reason why “quieter” fabrics such as polyester, tricot and micro-polyester are also equally popular if not more, these days.

Look for longer sleeves

As winds also strike the arms, it is better to go for windbreakers which come with long sleeves. The sleeves should ideally be slightly longer than the arms, so that wearers can pull them over their hands. The hands can be protected well enough from chilly winds while working, cycling or during any other type of activity.

Check whether pricing is reasonable

Make sure that the jackets are priced well enough, so that you do not have to pay a lot for purchasing them. Go for reliable wholesalers who are known to be flexible with pricing and have lower rates than usual. With bulk purchases from wholesalers, you can keep your purchase expenses at a minimum and be assured of higher profits from the sales of the outfits.