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Varsity Or Windbreaker: What Works For Your Wardrobe?

This is the battle of Titans – Varsity jackets versus windbreaker jackets, and the ultimate goal is to find out which one is the right match for you.

There is a certain iconic identity that comes with both these jacket types – and if you want to pick between the two, then here’s our analysis of which one will suit you best!

Now, let’s take a look what varsity jackets wholesale manufacturers bring to the table.

Why varsity jackets could be right for you?

One of the main reasons that make varsity jackets so popular is the nostalgia it brings with it. Also, it makes your wardrobe a lot more new age and brings a certain high school charm that clicks very well with the athleisure generation.

It can be paired with almost all types of casual wear and the color block design makes it one of the most amazing choices for any wardrobe.

If you are a millennial who is more into casual fashion, then the varsity jacket is definitely your choice of poison!

Don’t think that’s your jam?

Then here’s a look at what wholesale windbreaker jackets could be your wardrobe pick!

The magic of windbreaker and how it transforms your wardrobe

The windbreaker jacket is one of the most amazing choices for a utility cum casual jacket option.

Designed to deal with the torments of weather, manufacturers today are making their collection more suited to creating the right kind of designs and trying to integrate the apparel into the regular wardrobe.

Windbreakers are in fact one of the most popular choices in jackets today and that is what makes them such a good bet. So, if you are the traveller type and like to do that often, then the windbreaker is definitely one of your top choices.

Now that we have presented a case for both apparels, what are you still waiting for? Each of the products have their own pros and cons, and you could pick the one you like. And in case you are looking for variation, you can always get both.

So, head over to your nearest retailer now and find out what works best for your style statement and wardrobe!