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All You Need To Know About Bomber Jackets!

Full Audio Version:  All You Need To Know About Bomber Jackets!

The bomber jackets are made primary of three materials- leather, polyester and cotton. Initially they did not have hoods, but recent style statements have included them in the production of bomber jackets. These jackets look awesome with denim or cargo. Even shorts can go well if you can carry the look in such an amazing manner. During the times of world war I, there was a high requirement of warm clothes that would protect the military from external factors that can cause harm and affect the fighting spree of the people. Therefore, all kinds of care were taken to ensure that the fighters received the best warfare facilities. One of the most renowned jackets manufacturers have a huge collection of wholesale bomber jackets that are irresistible in looks and excellent in style. If you are a fashion lover you can never get tired of acquiring more jackets because of their versatile use and smart look. They bring out your personality like none other, and in recent times there has been a development in many jacket designs to go forth with. Read on to this blog more to find out about the types of bomber jackets.

How many kinds of bomber jackets are there at present?

Well, frankly speaking, starting from one, there are five main types of bomber jackets at present. They are-

  • Modern or futuristic – These are the ones with a modern look and coming of edge design. Starting from different colored bomber jackets, to absolutely customized ones and out-of-the-blue designed ones, there are millions of options available if you want to purchase a modernist or futuristic looking bomber jacket.

  • Aviator bomber jackets – These ones are revived version of the classical flight bombers, navy bombers, military and air-force bomber jackets. They have a high-end fashionable look that has been popularized by famous movies as well.

  • Leather bomber jackets – made especially with leather, these lux jackets are bombers with four pockets (two on the upper extreme sides and two below, near the waist). One signifying feature of bombers is that they have a ribbed waistline and matching cuffs. This applies for leather bomber jackets as well.

  • Suede bomber jackets – These soft suede jackets can be dyed in multiple colors and are very comfortable to wear. These are higher quality jackets that are sure to make you look handsome and gorgeous. The unique texture of the material is what makes them so distinct.

  • Polyester bomber jackets – These are springtime jackets that have the usual four pockets and ribbed cuffs and waistline. The same design of jackets can be manufactured from wool as well, in which case they will be known as woolen bomber jackets. Polyester ones are lighter than others, almost similar to that of cotton bomber jackets.

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The main difference between quilted and padded bomber jackets

The quilted and the padded bomber jackets, both have their own utilities and style factor to behold. But the major difference that lies in this context is how the jackets are made. Quilted ones have a layer and a surface of quilt within the jacket. On the other hand, the padded bomber jackets comprise of padded elbows and shoulders that sometimes just add to the aesthetic looks and value of the product. One key feature of bomber jackets is to have a zip in front of the jacket that is to be used in fastening the jacket up. In recent times, buttons and kippers are also used. Changing needs of people and trends in communities give rise to new forms and designs of clothing that must be given optimum space to accommodate in the fashion world. We all need to be open minded here!

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