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How to Look The Most Handsome in A Bomber Jacket

Full Audio Version:  How To Look The Most Handsome In A Bomber Jacket

An iconic piece of men’s outerwear that is both timeless and versatile is a bomber jacket. Every guy can take advantage of this cool fashion trend as the bomber jackets come in many different materials, colors and styles. These lightweight jackets do great in spring and summer as statement pieces and can equally make great fall and winter layering pieces too, thus accentuating your style to a great extent. A noted jacket manufacturer brings a cool collection of wholesale bomber jackets Los Angeles!

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Want to know exactly what to wear and how to look good to make the bomber jacket style work for you? Read on.

Bomber jacket style ideas

There are endless possible outfits for men to try with so many riffs on the classic bomber jacket style. But before starting to explore the different outfits, you need to know the different choices available for the jacket itself. With so many colors available today, it’s important to pick the best one for your look and fashion

.Once you have decided on your favorite jacket, you can start to piece together the rest of the outfit. Finding the right shirt, jeans, pants, shoes, boots, button ups are important to styling the bomber jacket properly. For a modern look, skinny jeans with a black shirt and boots or sneakers will make a chic fashion statement whereas if you want to pull off a classic style then go with a collared shirt, add some chinos or trousers and clean white shoes. If you are a retailer reading this blog and wondering how to grab some unique denim jackets then make sure to contact only the most distinguished among the denim jacket manufacturers in USA.

Check out the top bomber jacket outfit ideas covered below

  • White bomber jacket outfit

You can take liberty with a fresh white bomber jacket, which isn’t that much possible with the other colors. For an instance, a lightweight white bomber works great for warm spring days which might not be appropriate for other darker colors. For a bright look, wear it on top of standout prints and jeans.

  • Blue bomber jacket outfit

Easy to wear and being effortlessly cool, the blue bomber jacket is versatile and works well with all sorts of styles. Right from pale blue to navy, the most popular blue bomber jacket outfit combines of a shirt, ripped skinny jeans, white shoes. This casual and modern look is fashionable and trendy but can be worn all around town without looking out of place.

  • Red bomber jacket outfit

The red bomber jacket, thanks to the very color is quite a loud piece and it needs some skills to wear it well. If you pay attention to the rest of the outfit then you can pull it off with satisfying results. As the red bomber jacket is bold, you can team it with neutrals with the rest of the outfit. Try it on top of black and grey jeans, a classic black or white t-shirt and a white, brown or black boots or sneakers.

  • Black bomber jacket outfit

A black bomber jacket is a reliable choice when creating an outfit. Black bombers are often made out of nylon, making them sleek and lightweight. By wearing it over a clean white shirt, you can add this to outfits for warmer days or you can use it as a layering piece by donning it over a cotton zip-up jacket.  Good news for all the black bomber jacket lovers here would be that these bombers are also found in leather, which can add a refined finish to your everyday look.

Being a retailer or business owner, if you are dreaming of owning a smart collection of rain jackets wholesale then make haste and get in touch with a well-known jacket manufacturer today!

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