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Custom Varsity Jackets And Their Revived Style Quotient

As far as fashion trends are concerned, one concept that rings true is that there is nothing too old or too new. It is actually a cycle of reinventing styles which might have existed a few decades back, with a twist of course. An d joining this never-ending loop of haute couture resurrection are the custom varsity jackets. Initially made popular as an outerwear for school athletes, it has now become a must have item in everyone’s closet who knows a thing or two about rocking the funky style.

Letterman Jackets – then and now

Often known as the ‘Letterman Jacket’, this item of clothing has traditionally been a representation of pride and support for school and college students. Although, it was present in every youngster’s closet, the jacket was first catapulted to fame when it became a style statement of Michael Jackson. He, famously, rocked it both on and off stage in the 80’s and there was no holding back the contemporary youths from sporting the ‘look’ wherever they went. Now the custom varsity jackets are reliving their heydays after having made a comeback in runways and catwalks.

For Boys or for Girls

Custom varsity jackets are one of those few clothing items that look equally good on boys and girls. Whether you are a guy hitting the fitness center wrapped in a letterman jacket, or a diva heating up the streets in a pair of shorts and the same jacket – it is guaranteed that both of you will look absolutely stunning in it. Yes, these jackets are ideal for adding a bit of edgy attitude to your usual style code and make for a look that is really difficult to get wrong.

How to rock it

It is undeniable that the distance between runway and running tracks is practically non-existent now. And the custom varsity jackets have taken the center stage in bridging the gap between casual style and sportswear. Nothing has been quite as effective as the letterman jackets in perfecting the fashionably laid back and stylishly casual look.

For a guy, pairing it up with dark hued denim, an archetypal white t shirt, leather loafers or tennis shoes and then finishing off with modern pompadour can do the trick. Sport a confident yet detached attitude with it. After all it is all about channelling the rock and roll inspired aesthetics of the bygone era.

Girls have endless options for styling the letterman jackets. Team it up with t shirt, jeans, shorts, ballet pumps, converse, sweaters or baseball caps to perfect that ‘sporty chic’ look. Pile on the bling jewelry on the studded varsity jackets and paint your lips red for that edgy look. Wear it with smart pencil skirts, blouses or t-shirts and statement necklaces and high heels for a busy day at office. Either way, you are all set to turn heads.