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How to Dress Up a Hoodie With 4 Different Clothing Items

In the last few years, hoodies have become a staple in the wardrobe every man who likes juxtaposing comfort with style. The best feature about them is that they can be dressed up or down accordingly without much effort. A hoodie that fits you perfectly and complements your body type can only enhance your aesthetics. Further, the ease with which they blend with other garments adds to their versatile nature. Whether you are wearing them for a party or for a casual dinner, they look impeccable. So here we present to you a list to guide you in ways you can dress your hoodie to look outstanding.


When it comes to dressing up sporty, hoodies with zips are like a necessity. It is extremely easy to remove them or layer them. So if you are going for a run or beating it in the gym, wear them with a simple t-shirt and tracks. A pair of trainers will go well with the ensemble. If you feel the chill, then wear sublimated hoodies with a sweater inside to protect yourself. A baseball cap will be perfect to accessories. For this particular look, you can opt for a conventional grey or black hooded sweatshirt for they will render you an effortless approach.


Leather jackets are sexy! No arguments! They are a classic piece of clothing that can be found in every man’s wardrobe. Combining a leather jacket and a hoodie can never go wrong. There are a number ways in which you can couple them. First, you can opt for an all-black look. Team a heavy biker leather jacket with a black hoodie, black jeans and black pair of boots. This will give a handsome approach to casual clothing altogether. However, if you are not comfortable with wearing black, then switch your black hoodie for a grey one while keeping others in same order. Burgundy and dark blue can also enhance your look that will surely garner compliments everywhere you go.


This particular pairing is modern and preferred by the millennial in USA. With both bomber and hoodie in fashion right now, they are not going away anytime soon. This stellar combo will definitely up your style quotient. It can be tricky to layer them up given the fit that bomber are designed. The key is to keep the zip open so as to achieve the perfect layered look. You can go for a variety of bottom wear that can range from skinny fit jeans to straight cut denims. Complete the look with a pair of combat boots and retro sunglasses. You can surely turn the heat up on a crisp winter evening with this approach.


Denim and hoodie can form a flawless combination. To keep it relaxed and easy on the eyes, you can team a dark colour hoodie with a lighter shade of denim jacket. The denim should be the star of your outfit with the hoodie acting as perfect supporting cast. A pair of black slim jeans and lace up boots will further enhance your look. Square sunglasses will add volumes to your spontaneous approach. The contrasting shades will complement each other and give you a classy and polished finish at any casual gathering you attend this winter. If you really need help, take some motivation from Zac Efron who pulled the same with irresistible charm while taking a stroll down the streets

Hoodies are humble and underrated. So break away from the boring approach to this adaptable piece of clothing by experimenting with the different looks. From wholesale windbreakers to sublimated hoodies, prominent manufacturers have exclusively designed them for all the retailers who want to place a bulk order with attractive discounts.