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How To Choose Your Ski Jacket

With the winters knocking right at the door, you must be all geared up for those great winter sports which you wait for the entire year, right? And, needless to say, skiing features atop most of your bucket lists. Correct us if we’re wrong.

However, before jumping headlong into it and buying yourself all new skiing accessories and clothing, why don’t you stop a bit and make a buy that most important clothing for your skiing expedition—a ski jacket!

A small know how about the perfect ski jacket are given right here just for you —

Keep the Climate in Mind

The first thing that you should keep in mind while getting yourself a ski jacket is the climate of the place where you want to ski, or where you ski the most. If it’s a place where the temperature hovers around negatives, then you must get hold of a jacket with insulation and stronger wind resistant power.

Make the Right Choice Between Hardshell and Insulated Jackets

While both are tempting in their own ways, you must always make a definitive effort in choosing the right one for you. While hardshell jackets are very light, durable, airy, waterproof and snug, for those treacherous journeys and rides up and down a snowy mountain, insulated jackets are more used. The latter also come with lots of important features like power skirts, goggle pocket and the likes for the benefit of the skiers.

Ventilation is Must

Many of you may feel the need of a proper air vent or ventilation in such chilly weather conditions, but if you’re a pro skier, you must know how much worked up and tiresome this adventure sport can get. Hence, while skiing, if you work up a sweat, you shall catch cold, and hence, become numb in no time. It is exactly for this reason that you must get yourself a jacket that is breathable and well ventilated.

Hoods Are Necessary

While almost all jacket comes with hoods, some jackets come with flimsy and short hoods. Make sure you buy a jacket that is equipped with a sturdy and large hood that can be fitted over your helmet.


Your ladies ski jackets must be equipped with whole lots of pockets to stuff in all your necessities—from water bottles to your cell phones. After all, you won’t be able to carry any bag while you’re skiing!