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How To Maintain Your Skiing Jackets

The slopes are in the process of getting layered with snow and this is the time when most ardent skiers are unpacking their skiing gears. Among the rest of the lot, the importance of the skiing jackets seems to stand out for the right reasons. These seemingly bulky jackets allow the wearers perfect protection from the biting cold while facilitating flexibility necessary for maneuvering down the slopes. So, the materials used to make these jackets, their designs and their make is very different from the usual regular jackets that are meant for the usual regular purposes. This also throws light upon the fact that the aspect of maintaining these jackets also calls for a very different approach.

Most people find it convenient to not wash their skiing jackets for the fear of compromising on the quality of the material. For many, wiping the jackets or dusting them off before packing them away for the next season appears to be more than just enough. However, one cannot overlook the fact that constant wear through the skiing season causes thorough dirt accumulation in the micro pores of the jacket material which may not always be very visible / apparent but can take a toll on the jackets slowly and steadily while they are packed away. Some of the common outcomes are developing coarseness on the fabric and compromising on the ability of the same to keep sufficiently warm.

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It is always recommended to have not just the jackets but the entire skiing gear cleaned up before packing them away for the next season and at the time of bringing them out for usage. To eliminate the fear of damaging these otherwise expensive gears in the cleaning and maintenance process, it is advisable to follow instructions carefully as mentioned in the label of the gear or in any or instruction leaflets made available at the time of purchase. This done, half your troubles will be as good as gone. For the rest, it is always wise to start with a very mild cleaning agent that is compatible with the material of the skiing jacket.

Light wash preferably with hand and drying it in the outdoors can be tried. However, throwing in the jacket along with the rest of the regular laundry with the regular detergents into the regular washer and then to the drier can be the end of the jacket. If you have a certain specific stain to remove from a specific spot of the jacket, the area must be addressed individually than putting the whole jacket into the maintenance process. The maintenance process is just as much applicable for snowboarding jackets as it is for the skiing gears.

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