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The Jacket Trends for Men this Year: Custom Crewnecks or Simple Leathers?

Are you the ultimate jacket lover who waits for winter eagerly to drape the best jackets from his closet? Well, Fall is here, and it is time to upgrade your winter collection with the trendy outerwear options that come in a wide array of options for men. The jackets are anyway loved by the handsome hunks as they are effortless to style and the layering game also works as a fusion of style and comfort. Now, with the wholesalers and designers bringing in the newest and widest assortment of men’s jackets for Fall this year, you need to choose something that can complement your personal style stance, and also be in sync with your physique.

The outerwear collection that you have must also indulge into some variety, be it in terms of styles and designs, or colors and fabrics. You cannot wear the leather jacket to office, and similarly cannot just head to the airport in a formal looking coat. Hence, you have to make sure about the kind of items you want, considering the fact that this is the season of festivals, too.

From custom crewnecks to the leather jackets, here are some options in outerwear to bank on this year.

The crewneck casual jackets

The crewneck casual jackets look a lot like the simple track jackets and are simple to look at, though have a sporty essence to offer. These can be worn to the weekend errands and even at the gym with track pants, or shorts and denims, looking preppy. You can either go for neutral shades, pastels or the neons and bright tones.

The luxe brown leathers: Must have suede jackets

For the party nights, it is time to drop the usual and monotonous leather jackets in black and try out something interesting and fun. Try out the brown colored suede jackets that are extremely soft, and come in different styles, collar designs and silhouettes adding some freshness to your wardrobe. Those jackets done in rich, cognac-color suede come in a retro stance that will catch your attention, more.

The funky hooded windbreakers

The leading windbreaker jacket wholesale manufacturers are bringing in the newest collections of the funky and colorful windbreakers or rather known as windcheaters that are functional enough to save you from the cold winter breeze, and also add smartness to your attire. Today, the windbreaker style is lot like the 90’s and you are once again bound to feel classic wearing them. They mainly come with large and spacious hoods, but there are also certain windbreakers that are collared.

The denim jackets come with patchwork

Gone are the days when the denim jackets used to be quite plain and simple, and men looked almost the same no matter how much they styled them. Today, they are being reinvented by the designers in a way to bring out a fresh approach. The denim jackets for men now come with patchwork embossed on the body, which make them funkier and add a colorful stance to them that breaks the stereotypes.

The officially cool varsity jackets

Moving from the sports ground comes the cool and sporty letterman or varsity jackets that define a classic style stance for the men. These come in different style nuances, with letters and logos embossed on the chest area that naturally define their persistent look. You can even wear them to the gym and try out the athleisure highlight with them quite easily.

Thus, make sure to add the wide range of Fall jackets for 2017 to your closet.