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Modern Ways To Rock The Jean Jacket

You don’t have to be a transporter to get loads of mileage out of a trucker or a cowboy. The denim jacket has, like a lot of work-wear staples, gone from being a worn-out old-dependable of menswear to a go-to more dress code than you would believe.

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Here are some of the different ways to partner a piece from jean jacket manufacturers so that you can continue trucking down the road.

With A Topcoat Or Overcoat

As with a customized blazer, your denim jacket must be trim fitting if you want to wear it underneath an overcoat. You must simply about be able to get two fingers down it when done up and it must be narrow-necked so it doesn’t contend with your coat’s collars. By its nature, even the slightest customized outerwear has a degree of starkness so this is not as absurd as you may think. Don’t be anxious to contrast, either: camel, which usually skews prim, can be a truly nice combination. Brownie points if your jacket’s stitching match the shade.

With A Hoodie

This combination is a substitute for any menswear blogger trying to look randomly urban. Don’t let that put you off. A hoodie is a normal sparring partner for a jean jacket as they are both simple, chuck-on weekend staples. In that strain, don’t overdo it. Keep the shades neutral and don’t go very boxy with the fit of the hoodie. Shun the aggressive logos of streetwear’s newest drops and stand by grey or navy marl underneath a blue jean jacket.

With A Roll Neck

Anywhere you can dress in a shirt, you can nail a roll neck. Well, almost. But before you knit up, think of your jean jacket’s finish, whether battered stonewash or pristine indigo and how that figuratively stitches together with your jumper. If the latter’s too sheeny and sheer, there may be a discord with the tough, rough denim; too plump and your jacket may seem flimsy by comparison.

With Joggers

A jean jacket doesn’t fall under the class of sportswear unless you are a rodeo rider! But it offers a degree of construction to counterbalance the pliability of your joggers, as well as more prosaically simply not being another item of the jersey, thus saving you from having to go full Tesco tuxedo or tracksuit.

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