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Nifty Ways Of Caring For The Smarter Denim Jacket

Wearing and styling a jean/denim jacket is all well and good but when it comes to laundering, well it gets a little tricky on that part. Honestly, a jean jacket is very crucial and staple part of a person’s wardrobe and to take care of it is even more important than that. The fabric material is completely different from the others especially when it comes to the thickness and the fiber built, therefore taking care of it is a different ball game altogether. Listed in this blog are ways you can determine when to wash and how to wash the precious jean jacket.

When to wash the jean wear:


The most common problem faced by everyone is the appearance of blowouts in the denim wear. It generally occurs because a specific area contracts with a lot of tension and abrasion. Dirt, grime and soil starts depositing in the blowout which is a definite signal that the jeans need a good wash.

Sweat Smell –

Sometimes our sweat sticks to the fabric thereby creating an unpleasant smell. It means that you might as well give it a good wash before wearing it as bacteria might be harboring in the areas which will cause skin diseases.

Damp –

If you live in a humid climate, or got caught up in the rain, chances are that your denim wear might get dampen leading to a mildew smell which is absolutely unacceptable. Therefore, it would be better if you wash it off to eliminate any further damage.

There are a few ways you can wash the jean wear depending on the degree and type of dirt that has occurred:

Hand wash-

Highly underrated yet extremely useful. Hand washing ensures that the denim is in god shape. Caring for the jeans is very vital if you want it to survive years after years turning into your go to staple clothing. As opposed to this, machine wash may sound easy, but it will decrease the longevity of the fabric.

Spot Cleaning-

If you’re dealing with a stain problem, then you don’t have to wash the whole thing. Instead grab some detergent powder and toothbrush and spot clean the stain. Make sure to use a mild detergent because the general ones available in the market are really harsh on the fabric.

Wash solo-

Instead of piling and washing it with several other clothes, wash the jean wear alone. You have to take extra care for something that you hold dearest to you. Proper maintenance also ensures that the quality and shape of the outfit is retained. Also make sure to wash it inside out.

Air Dry –

Air drying denim is not only a quality assured process but helps you to reduce the carbon footprint to some extent. Don’t dry it mechanically in the washing machine just because it is fast and easy.

The more you care for an item of clothing, the more you get attached to it, in a positive way. Denim has been a favorite of all since a long time and who doesn’t love a well worn faded piece of a denim jacket?

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