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How A Quilted Jacket Can Transform Your Winter Style?

Menswear has been through amazing changes in the past few decades, however, the basics never seem to go out of style. Considered one of the best winter layers, the quilted jacket has deserved its place in the ever-stylish male garments.

The rigid looks of the quilted jacket give every man a masculine appearance which is not met by any other style of jacket. Its sturdy nature and waterproof surface are great for the transitional weather. Retail business owners can invest in wholesale quilted jacket bulk purchased from a popular supplier.

Thus, read on the blog below to know more.

Which is the best weather for a quilted jacket?

The main target buyers are active people, the damp cold weather plays a big role in the design of the quilted jacket. The synthetic used, namely polyester is a material that can be splash proof. Although, the jacket may not protect well in harsher conditions, such as pouring rains.

Wear your quilted jacket in weather that is slightly wet. Rainy spring days are the perfect conditions for this garment. The style is suitable a well.

How to buy a quilted jacket?

  • If you have an interest in buying an authentic quilted jacket, investing in a wool quilted jacket is a great idea. This material is more durable, better looking, and of overall better quality than the synthetic polyester.

  • Tweed has a distinctive British look to it, and of course, it looks amazing when a quilted jacket is made of this cloth. Both wool and tweed have water repellent features, but just as the synthetic ones aren’t suitable for extreme rain.

  • Italian quilted jackets are also an amazing option. If you want to wear exclusive cashmere-made quilted jackets, then the exclusive designs with appeal to you. Of course, the prices are high, but it works great for the festive season.

The size

The way a garment fits you will determine how good it looks. While quilted jackets can be dressed up they are cut a little roomier compared to a blazer. Always consider the climate you are living in to match your style.

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