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Steal The Fashion Scene This Fall- Go For Letterman Jackets Over Hoodies

Add to your wardrobe (and appearance) a distinct flavor this fall. Trade those graphic-rich tees with the plain varieties, joggers with chinos and hoodies for varsity jackets.

Bring back the charm of letterman to your wardrobe

Once, varsity jackets ruled the men’s fashion scene the grand way. While they still do, their charm seems to have taken a back seat in this hoodie-frenzied world. It’s now time to change that!

In recent times, top manufacturers have introduced many new varieties of letterman jackets wholesale that are far from high-school-ish. They are super stylish and vouch a dapper appearance to even mid-age professionals.

More swagger for the office-going lads

Varsity jackets synonym high school life adored by the students. They are still the run-to staple for many young men. But the latest varieties make this outwear just as perfect for the grown-ups, who generally loves to stick with neat appearance of formal suits and trousers.

Easily customizable, the color combinations of these new letterman jackets are much appealing. There are also plenty of options in the fabric department, right from wool and leather to cotton, denim and even satin. To that, the refined collars, hemlines, buttons, and pockets make them even more exciting.

A to-be-favorite of this season

Aside the looks, even the quality of these latest varieties have notched up making them a favorite of this season. Featuring active temperature regulating mechanism, they are warm, cozy and very comfortable.

Magical combination with chinos

While the letterman works just as ideally with denim pants, for a trimmed appearance, they do magic with chinos. Much like this outwear, even chinos are coming in many varieties these days that gives the consumers plenty of options to mix-and-match and pull a desired look rather easily.

Accessories to seal the perfect look

Says who accessories a rent for men? A light-bit of accessorizing can add panache to your already amiable appearance of varsity jackets and chinos. A complementing sunglass, classy leather watch, leather ankle-length boot, and fedora hat (no snapbacks, please!) would go perfect with the overall look.

Task at-hand for the small clothing business owners

When you head out to wholesale windbreakers and hoodies, also ensure to bulk up the custom letterman jackets wholesale and not the old, regular varieties meant for the high-schoolers, but the new ones that targets the grown ups.