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Things to Remember Before Buying Varsity Jackets and a Style Guide

The letterman jackets, popularly known as varsity jackets are usually worn in support of school and university team as well as to show awards won by an individual in academics, athletics or extra-curricular activities. They typically carry the varsity letter or the first letter of the institution. So if you are a retailer, willing to expand your business with these jackets, you are required to visit an online manufacturer that offers wholesale varsity jackets at affordable prices. Now you must be wondering about what to look for while buying the right products because you cannot blindly trust your wholesale supplier when it comes to taking your business to a next level. So here are some tips to follow.

Get a clear idea about the different types

Traditionally they were worn to represent school or college teams with the varsity letter sewn on the left side. Now with the changing of time they are put on solely for the purpose of keeping the style quotient high, while showing a youthful nature to the world. It is also advisable to keep the hooded ones in stock which are now being commonly used by both men and women to escape the chilly wintry nights.

Check the right material

These jackets are available in various materials, from wool and leather to a lot of unconventional options like cotton, denim and satin.

  • Wool: A strong yet lightweight fabric, wool, has long roots in the making of these stuffs. Available in different colors like coral red, bright orange and green, they are the ultimate body warmer.
  • Leather: A little more expensive than all the other fabrics, leather is for those who do not mind splurging some more. Not only do they retain the warmth in the body better but also give a stylish edge to the wearer.
  • Cotton: This natural fibre is perfect for exercising as it absorbs the moisture from the body and lets it evaporate quickly. However, it has a downside that it gets shrunk after a few washes. 
  •  Denim: When it comes to getting comfort at an affordable price, nothing can beat denim. They are not only stylish but also
    durable enough.
  • Satin: Though satin seems to be an unconventional material for these items, its lustrous appearance and silky, smooth texture are worth giving it a try.

Keep the color code in mind

Once you visit the online wholesale letterman jackets manufacturers , you will find enormous options. But buy something which will go well with the personality of a majority of people. Though there are no such color code for men and women, the ones with white arms and black body with some floral prints on each side are a hit with the latter.

Some styling tips to help your customers with

If your customers ask you for your advice on how to style their jackets properly, you need to be prompt with your guidance.

So here are some tips-

  • For a feminine appearance a maroon knee-length skirt worn with a green and pale brown leather varsity jacket is ideal. Wear a pair of bright blue sneakers and a furry stole to complete the look.
  • Men can try a casual look with a classy jacket in black and cream color combination, teaming it up with grey jeans and blue or black converse shoes.
  • No women can deny a patch of pink in their clothes. So get it in the jackets as well and suggest them to team it up with a short dress in black and pink stripes, a pair of black leggings and matching stilettos.